Godzilla Games - Euro board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant

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The Godzilla Games meetup is on the second floor of the restaurant. Just walk to the back of the restaurant to where the counter is and head up the stairs.

If you arrive before 6pm, don't wait out in the cold, you can enjoy a drink in our sake bar next door while you are waiting.

Board gamers unite!

Board game geeks or interested beginners are all welcome at Godzilla Games, a board game meetup at one of Melbourne's oldest Japanese restaurants, Izakaya Chuji.

Board gaming is a great way to keep the brain active and meet a group of friendly and sociable individuals.

We have a bias towards fun orientated, "euro" style games such as The Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride, Small World etc but you are welcome to bring your party or strategy games as well. Anything that is fun to play and share is welcome!

Enjoy a game, meet people and take advantage of a 10% discount on food and drinks from the reasonably priced menu at Izakaya Chuji (http://www.izakayachuji.com/index.php?page=menu).

We do not charge a fee, this meetup is FREE.

We do hope you will support the venue with an order of food and or drinks. Thanks!

Tell me more about this meetup...

Godzilla Games - Euro board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant is all about an enjoyable evening around the game board. Play, talk, relax, it's a great way to ease into the week on a Tuesday night. The emphasis is relaxed fun so if you're a hardcore competitive gamer this probably isn't your speed. We love to introduce new people to the joys of board gaming so if you are new to the hobby please feel welcome to drop in and say hi! For those of you who are well familiar with the joys of board gaming we enthusiastically encourage you to bring your games in and share the love with other beginners and regular gamers.

We will have a small selection of games on hand but we encourage the help of those that have collections to help us out.

What are these 'eurogames' we play?

We are open to all sorts of strategy games, but these nights focus particularly on the German- or European-style designer strategy games—'Eurogames' for short.

Eurogames are family board games that emphasise strategy, play down luck, lean towards economic and historical rather than military themes, and usually wrap up in about an hour or two. A hallmark of these games is that you don't need to eliminate the other players to win and you get to do interesting stuff even when it's not your turn.

You might find yourself in a fast-paced auction bidding for stocks in an American railway company, or building a power grid across China, or playing cards to forge your galactic empire, or attracting great thinkers to your palace in Renaissance Italy, or ploughing a field in 17th century Germany, or hammering out a trade deal as you settle the island of Catan, or defending your dynasty in ancient Mesopotamia, or co-operating to manage a deadly pandemic, or rigging elections in revolutionary France, or setting up a wine business in Portugal... and so much more!

For more information on individual games—including photographs, discussions, videos, reviews and more—visit http://www.boardgamegeek.com/