Godzilla Games - Euro board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant

This is a past event

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The Godzilla Games meetup is on the second floor of the restaurant. Just walk to the back of the restaurant to where the counter is and head up the stairs.

If you arrive before 6pm, you don’t have to wait outside, you can enjoy a drink in our sake bar NIHONSHU – it’s the door with red sign above to the left of Izakaya Chuji.

Board gamers unite!

Board game geeks or interested beginners are all welcome at Godzilla Games, a board game meetup at one of Melbourne's oldest Japanese restaurants, Izakaya Chuji.

Board gaming is a great way to keep the brain active and meet a group of friendly and sociable individuals.

We love all board games. Anything that is fun to play and share is welcome! You can bring your own games, or choose one from our selection.

Enjoy a game, meet people and take advantage of a 10% discount on food and drinks from the reasonably priced menu at Izakaya Chuji.

We do not charge a fee, this meetup is FREE.

We do hope you will support the venue with an order of food and or drinks. Thanks!

Tell me more about this meetup...

Godzilla Games - board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant is all about an enjoyable evening around the game board. Play, talk, relax, it's a great way to ease into the week on a Tuesday night.

We love to introduce new people to the joys of board gaming so if you are new to the hobby please feel welcome to drop in and say hi!

What do we play?

We play a whole range of modern board games. Favourites include Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, King of Tokyo, Love Letter, Coup and more. New games are designed for maximum fun with great player interaction, short turns, clear rules, and can be played in 30 to 90 minutes. Over the evening you’ll make new friends and play 2-3 games.

More information:

You can see great videos of game play on Tabletop, on YouTube. http://www.geekandsundry.com/shows/tabletop/

For more information on individual games—including photographs, discussions, videos, reviews and more. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/

Our library games are bought from or donated by Milsims. www.milsims.com.au (http://www.milsims.com.au/)

Godzilla Games is sponsored by Campaign Coins. www.campaigncoins.com (http://www.campaigncoins.com/)

Godzilla Games enjoys liquid refreshments from our beer sponsor Kaiju Beer. www.kaijubeer.com.au (http://www.kaijubeer.com.au/)

A note about Disability Access: We regret that Godzilla Games does not offer disability access at this stage. Our play area is upstairs.