Eurogames at the Royal Standard

Hosted by Melbourne Boardgames group (party and strategy games)

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Royal Standard Hotel

333 William Street · West Melbourne, Vic

How to find us

The RS is a hop, skip and jump from the Victoria Markets. Plenty of parking nearby. Trams along Peel & Victoria Sts, and up the road from Flagstaff Station.

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Come one, come all!

Join umpteen diverse and friendly folks for a spot of socializing and strategizing with a selection of some of the best family strategy board games around: The Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Small World, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, and much, much more. Enjoy a meal and the beverage of your choice in a relaxing Melbourne pub. No fees! Beginners are very welcome.

Game on,

Corey (organizer chap)

How do we play?

Eurogames at the Royal Standard is all about good fun. All are welcome. If you're a really hardcore gamer or you're ultra-competitive, however, this might not scratch your itch; we strongly encourage beginners as well as seasoned gamers who like to teach. Bring your favourite strategy game or join a table and learn a new one.

What are these 'eurogames' we play?

We are open to all sorts of strategy games, but these nights focus particularly on the German- or European-style designer strategy games—Eurogames for short.

Eurogames are family board games that emphasize strategy, play down luck, lean towards economic and historical rather than military themes, and usually wrap up in about an hour or two. A hallmark of these games is that you don't need to eliminate the other players to win and you get to do interesting stuff even when it's not your turn.

You might find yourself in a fast-paced auction bidding for stocks in an American railway company, or building an electricity network across China, or playing cards toforge your galactic empire, or attracting great thinkers to your palace in Renaissance Italy, or ploughing a field on your farm in 17th century Germany, or hammering out a deal to trade wool for ore so you can build a city on the island of Catan, or laying tiles to strengthen your dynasty in ancient Mesopotamia, or tin mining in Cornwall (hey, don't knock it till you've tried it), or co-operating with your fellow players to cure a deadly pandemic, or shipping cargo across the sea, or rigging elections in revolutionary France, or setting up a wine business in Portugal... and so much more!!!

Depending on the game and the players, sessions can last anywhere between half an hour and three hours, with most falling into the middle somewhere.

If you're familiar with a game, we encourage you to teach it to others. If you're a beginner (and we're all beginners at one game or another), it'll click, never fear!

For more information on individual games—including photographs, discussions, videos, reviews and more—visit

I don’t have any Eurogames, can I still play?

Abso-bloody-lutely! There are usually more than a dozen games on any given night, and we encourage experienced board game geeks to teach and make newcomers feel warmly welcome.

That said, we heartily encourage you to bring your own games along. The success of these nights depends on the generosity of people sharing their collections. The more who share, the less wear and tear on any one person's collection.

Decisions are made by the Law of Two Feet, i.e. if you can muster a quorum, you have a game. Normally, people play two or even three games of an evening.

Games you won't see.

We sometimes play a lightish wargame or something with zombies in it, but please—no Monopoly, Jenga, Cranium, Hungry Hungry Hippos, or the like. For lighter, party games, we heartily recommend Cafe Games, but you're more than welcome to come along to both! Sorry all you Level 17 elves, but don't do role-playing games either.

How often do we play?

Ordinarily (not that we're ever anything but extraordinary), we play every other Wednesday evening and sometimes a Monday here and there. It's best to keep an eye on the Meetup noticeboard for regular updates.

Who comes along?

We're a merry, cosmopolitan little crowd of lads and lasses, ladies and gents. We hail from Ol' Blighty, Malaysia, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, India, Switzerland, the US of A, Singapore, Venezuela, China, North Fitzroy and even further than that! Usually, there are between thirty and forty players on any given night, which means ten or more games going simultaneously.

Support the pub that supports you!

Eurogames Nights at the Royal Standard isn’t a club and there are no fees. That said, we strongly encourage folks to keep us sweet with the publican and at least buy a beer, wine, soft drink or cuppa, and chip in for a snack, or even order a meal. (See guidelines about board-gaming etiquette below.)

The Royal Standard serves decent fare, including vegetarian and gluten-free stuff, with specials every Wednesday.

My pressshhhiiiissss—keeping the games (and your karma) in good nick.

Here are a few simple guidelines to remember when playing board games. It's all about keeping the games in good condition, having a good time, and minimizing your chances of being strung up by your toes and pummelled into unconsciousness with an organic carrot

Please keep your hands reasonably clean whilst playing the games—greasy, sticky fingers and expensive board games don’t mix!
By all means, enjoy a drinky or two with the game, but please take care to avoid spillages. Be especially mindful of wonky tables and people who like to gesticulate wildly when they win or lose! (You know who you are.)

Put the mobile phone to one side for the game. Better still, switch it off!

Try to avoid bending cards! (I know, I know, bending helps your thinking, right?)

Relax. Be of good humour. It's only a game.

After finishing up, before leaving for the night, please scan the floor and tables for any game bits that may have fallen out and risk being sucked up by the cleaners!

Finally, please put the pretty components back into the box how you found them.

Have fun!