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The Penny Arcade Video Games convention is coming to Melbourne.

It's been running in America for years and is massive ... this is its' first time in Australia.

How is this relevant to us? It also has a "TableTop Games" section (that's what some people call board games)

You may find that it's mostly sold out already. Put yourself down here if you're going.

Info, tickets etc

($50 per day, $125 for the weekend)


Ranging from as hardcore to D&D to as casual as Bananagrams, the PAX Tabletop area has games for all gamer types and skill levels. With hundreds of freeplay tables and the ability to checkout games like you would books at a library, this area could easily keep you occupied for the entire weekend. Forget all those digimal beep boops - rolling a twenty and looking your opponent in the eye is where it's at!"

See this video of the Tabletop games section at "PAX East 2011". Bigger than Cafe Games Day! I expect it won't get like this first time, but you never know!