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Welcome All to our hands-on Real Estate Entrepreneurship training program in South Florida and Palm Beach County. The State of Florida specially South Florida is in the Top 18 hot cities to invest in Real Estate. Our Real Estate training group has associates over most cities in the state of Florida and we have presence in all 50 states. A few things that make our group a must for anybody looking to start or grow their RE business is that despite our organization being nation wide we are local investors, we partner with our students & we provide an extensive, high quality real estate education. How can I help you?


Be part of a community with lifetime support to take you from newbie to successful investor. Learn the ins and out of real estate, how to find deals, analyze them, run numbers, how to set up sellers appointment, how to negotiate down the price logically and with data, for your fix and flip project or to provide discounted deals to other investors.

First and foremost we teach and train our students how to be debt free. Ask me to share with you our Accelerator Debt Retirement strategy video or come to one of our meetings so you can ask questions on the spot. This strategy alone will teach you how to payoff loans in just a quarter of the time. If you're are thinking about investing you will WANT to learn how to become debt free first or in other words learn how to manage your money like the wealthy people do. We teach detailed business set up & structure, over 300 tax & legal exemption strategies, analyzing properties, creative marketing and online marketing, multiple ways to acquire properties with little to no money, negotiations, fixing & flipping, becoming a rental investor, networking, team building, scaling, commercial real estate and so much more.

How do we teach this? We have approved practitioners, that means that any practitioner teaching a specific topic has to first be currently active working as an investor and secondly has made over a Million dollars in profit using the strategy he's teaching. You get to partner with these individuals, some specialized in short-sales, others probate, fix and flips, wholesaling or commercial real estate to mention a few.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Investment Project Property Tour

Boca Raton

Welcome to our Investment Property tours! This is a great value and learning experience where you can have access to our real time flips! Come and ask questions, we will talk about how we acquire the property, finance, exit strategy and running numbers! You don't want to miss this!

LIVE CALLS! Flipping Lease Options contract

Boca Raton

Expect a step by step breakdown of this strategy. How to flip a L.O. contract. This is an out of the box strategy which takes a regularly Lease Option deal and turns it into a quick in and out flip profit that can be repeated as much as you want in any market. Includes LIVE CALLS where you can witness prospecting, negotiation and off you go to a seller appointment. Must bring notes to take and ask questions. No one if giving so much value as we do, this is why we are the Real Estate Resource Center. To register CALL or text[masked] How to Register? TEXT Your Full Name, Email to[masked]

Real Estate Investment ECOSYSTEM!

Boca Raton

Come and join the Palm Beach County team in our new space at the Real Estate Resource Center located in the beautiful Boca Raton, FL. This location is the hub of all things Real Estate in Palm Beach County and we are thrilled to bring you our resources to this huge community with our Real Estate ECOSYSTEM presentation where you will learn how we have basically McDonalize REI in one place where everybody benefits. Tuesday evening! Please arrive by 6:45 to check in as the meeting begins promptly at 7:00! Register by CALLING/TEXTING Eddie at [masked] mobile

Investor Training: Wholesale/Contracts

Boca Raton

This investor training is an invite only meetup, if you want to be considered follow steps for registration. We will be going over the wholesaling strategy and the nuances on the contract. First 15 minutes is network then we will be taking seats and going over deals and how the strategy works with an interactive approach so you can ask questions. Bring something to take notes with, business cards and deals that you control Challenges wholesalers confront: 1. Not being educated 2. Contracting property at a wrong number 3. Selling a bad deal to a cash buyer 4. Getting a bad reputation Challenges they create to cash buyers: 1. Cash buyer wastes more time & energy 2. Cash buyer buys a bad deal 3. Has no equity or spread after repairs 4. Can’t move the property & loses money It doesn’t matter if you are a wholesaler or a cash-buyer. Come to our wholesaling workshop and learn the right way to transact. Wholesalers are responsible for being knowledgeable in analyzing deals, negotiations and having the best interest for their client who will put money in their pockets. This requires some work ethic Cash buyers should know to do their own due diligence before buying, if you buy a bad deal is your fault. You should really understand your costs numbers don’t relay that on the wholesaler. Let’s level up the standards and be more educated. Come to our wholesaling workshop CALL/TEXT Eddie [masked]

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