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Are you a woman who is feeling called to create, yet can't seem to get started? Are you often inspired, but unsure and uncertain how to begin to bring your beautiful vision to life? Maybe you see so many possibilities that you're finding it difficult to decide where to begin or which project to give your attention to today... Or maybe, you're afraid to start because you don't believe it will turn out the way you envision it...


Wouldn't it be comforting to spend a little time in person with women just like you and come away with clarity and confidence? [Online groups are great, but, if you're like me, you're feeling the need to "connect" on a deeper level to fuel your creative energy.]

How fun would it be to stop dreaming about what you might create and actually begin to make it?! What else might be possible for you if you knew you had the support of a like-minded "tribe" who are rooting for you every step of the way?!

This group is for women who are ready and willing to embrace our abilities to consciously create whatever we choose for today. If you want to make art, you can make it. If you want to write, you can write. If you want to sing, or dance, or sew, or cook... or simply make your very best life... anything is possible! We are the brave and the bold and we are done waiting for the perfect moment to live our dreams.

And, yes, sometimes we get a little messy, too! And, no, you don't have to be an accomplished artist/singer/dancer/writer to join this group. Beginner's are welcome.

The only requirement is your willingness to get into motion - to be vulnerable enough to try to new things, to muster up as much courage as you can, to show up with your full presence and to honor our special connection, the sacred bond between all of us that will inevitably form as we embrace this journey together.

Details will unfold week by week. We'll plan to meet at least once per month in a formal format in East Boca Raton and also in informal settings as the energy of the group takes form and evolves.

Curious? Email nanette@wisewellwomen.com or schedule a quick call here:


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