Answering the Trickiest Javascript Interview Questions

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You'll find that there are always a tricky question at all interviews. and on the first WEDNESDAY of the month we'll try to answer them all.

This will be the first month when we meet at our NEW meeting day which is the FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH (SAME LOCATION OF COURSE)

At every job I've ever had, I've had at least one tricky question that I couldn't answer in my sleep. On this month's event we'll go through some of the best Javascript Interview questions that I could find.

Please bring YOUR hard questions that you don't think others in the group will be able to answer it and we'll give away prizes to the ones that successfully answer the most.

We'll also try out the "Speaker rating system" that I build for next years WordCamp Miami.

As Always our amazing sponsors will provide our amazing location as well as Pizza and Soda for everyone.

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