The Ullambana Festival Blessing Ceremony


Please join us for this auspicious blessing ceremony! July 15th in the Lunar Calendar is the date when Moggalana, the Buddha's principal disciple, saved his mother from purgatory with inspiration and empowerment from the Buddha. It is also called Buddha's Joyful Day. On this day, we offer lights and pray to the Buddha and bodhisattvas for our parents and karmic creditors in this life and previous lives. The great energy and blessing power bestowed upon us will allow the living to increase prosperity and longevity, be protected and eliminate calamities; the deceased will be guided by illumination to the Pure Lands. During this event we will chant for our ancestors, receive energy enhancement, hear stories of Bodhi Meditation practitioners' experiences and enjoy a free, delicious vegetarian lunch. There is no charge for this event, but a ticket is needed. Upon RSVPing, a ticket will be held for you at the door. We look forward to welcoming you!