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Bodhicharya Kent: Meditation Evening

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Meditation Evening

Bodhicharya Kent is under the guidance of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche. We have been doing stimulating meditation evenings at the Quaker Meeting House in Rochester for some time now. The evening usually consists of meditation sessions, with guidance and instruction, that are comfortably split in to 10 minute sessions with time for a good stretch in between (more experienced meditators can sit through the stretch break).

A related topic is also introduced and discussed. The group is made up of the participants so active engagement, questions, reflections and discussion are welcome, however, if you prefer to just sit back, listen, reflect and take it in that is also very good. There are comfortable chairs and cushions available, but there are no meditation specific cushions so if you have your own and would prefer to sit on it then please bring it along.

We meet every Tuesday, usually 8.00pm – 9:30pm, except for the last Tuesday of the month.

Over the coming weeks we will continue on with meditation instruction and practice for all those who would like to learn or deepen a meditation practice and bring its many benefits into daily life.

We will also be reading through a book by Ringu Tulku on Mind Training (known as Lojong in Tibetan) to provide some structure, continuity and perspective to the meditation evenings:

»Lojong is not simply a mental exercise or a new intellectual approach, it is a profound education. It creates a radical change in our usual pattern of thinking. The meditation instructions and advice are plain and straightforward. This is a practice for ordinary life. There is no complexity or formality involved. No special ability is needed. Anyone can train their mind. The wisdom of these slogans is not exclusive to Buddhism. It is universal and goes beyond any particular religion.« – Ringu Tulku.

For those who would like a copy of the book it can be purchased here (

Next guest teacher’s visit:

We are very pleased to announce that on Tuesday the 15th October we are fortunate to be hosting Tsering Paldron as our guest Teacher. For details please see our programme (


Quaker Meeting House, Northgate, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1LS


A voluntary donation of £5 (if you can) for the evening to help cover the room rent, tea and biscuits. We value your presence more than your money.

We also have an additional voluntary collection for Rigul Trust, one of Ringu Tulku’s charitable projects. For more information about Rigul Trust please see here: (


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