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What if you could rely on your body to know who you are, your purpose, the way to heal your wounds and take important decisions in your life? What if you could expand your awareness beyond everything you have ever learned with your mind?

The power of the body is unlimited and very much under-utilized. Your body is the bridge between your soul and your experience on Earth, and it is your best ally to guide you on your path. Have you ever felt like you knew what is good to do for yourself but you would still do the opposite? This is an indicator that you didn't trust your body.

Opening the body's senses, to your vulnerability, your energy and the understanding of how you exchange energy with your surroundings leads to clarity and confidence and allow it to be easy and direct to reach optimal health, desired wealth and happiness.

This meetup is made of lectures, workshops and circles around topics as various as Human Design, Astrology, right brain/left brain, energy exchanges, EFT healing (Emotional Freedom Technique), nutrition, the power of creation, ayurveda, Chinese medicine...

This is a safe space to be yourself. There is no touch in this meetup, everybody gets to experience themselves by themselves.

Looking forward to meeting you!


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Let's study Human Design

At my place

Let's study Human Design

At my place

Lunar eclipse meditation circle

In my living-room

Human Design: Discover your energetic Self

At our place

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