• WeWork Meetup


    I'm hosting a casual meetup at WeWork during lunchtime on 3/20. I have experience working with female entrepreneurs, and will happily talk business and strategy with anyone who wants to come and connect! We have a small space, so we can only host a few people this time. We'll be meeting in the Room Collaboration Room. Check in via the guest registration tablet at the front desk, as a guest of me, Manuel Gonzalez, when you arrive at WeWork for your Meetup. Bring a photo ID and scan it at the guest registration tablets at the front desk when you arrive at WeWork for the Meetup event. If your photo ID does not successfully scan, you can check in at the tablet as a guest of "Meetup Event". If you have questions please let me knoW

  • Biz Confidence 101: SF

    WeWork 1161 Mission St

  • Biz Confidence 101: SOUTH BAY

    WeWork 75 E Santa Clara St

  • EmpowHERed Success Workshop

    Needs a location

    Welcome to the EmpowHERed Success Workshop! This event was thoughtfully crafted for the Bay Area’s goal-oriented, inspired female entrepreneurs & professionals looking to experience success inside and out. Hosted by CBS Interactive in their gorgeous SF hub, this event also benefits Womentum and Project Take Care to pay forward all of our success and support other female entrepreneurs and young girls around the world in realizing their own! Designed and facilitated by a dynamic pair of experienced coaches, the EmpowHERed Success Workshop is for the working woman, at any age or stage, that knows these experiences all too well: -Sitting on a dream of starting something bold & new (be it a business, new job, project or skill), but paralyzed by uncertainty about where to begin, what it would take & if “you’re _____ enough” to make it happen -Battling inner disharmony after achieving goal after goal only to realize you still feel unfulfilled, exhausted & fed up with your own dissatisfaction -Confusion about what you’re really pushing for, but fear that if you slow down, you won’t be successful -Stuck in incessant negative self-talk that keeps you playing small, feeling isolated and like you’re missing what it takes to enjoy a rich experience of success -Feeling like you don’t have the tools or expertise to get where you want to be -Knowing you want something greater for yourself, but consistently allowing your lack of confidence get in your own way of taking action After ten years of coaching experience (and being human beings), Kristin and Katie came to know those patterns inside and out too. The pair could see what wasn't working: negating their gifts, big dreams and muscling forward towards a "success" neither woman wanted. In the EmpowHERed Success Workshop, Kristin and Katie are sharing the tools, strategies & support that have helped their private clients create complete success, or success that you feel on the inside & celebrate on the outside! No more forcing it, no more stubbornly standing in your own way. Just an upgrade to an experience of success that starts inside and works its way out! You’ll walk away from this half-day experience with: -Clarity on what “success” really means to you -Confidence to end self-sabotage and finally take action consistently -Strategies for taking action & time management to help you make focused forward progress -Personalized self-care routines so you have the mental, physical & emotional energy to bring your big ideas to life -Community of like-minded women who will support one another in making big moves through the highs and lows Highlights: -Catered lunch by Thistle, GTS Kombucha & Philz Coffee! -Access to downloadable organizational tools that you can use again and again -Fabulous women in community and facilitated networking. These are your people! -Engaging workshops and content you put into action while you’re with us so you leave ready to take action! -Professional headshots available for purchase at the event. Get your new LinkedIn photo or social media feature squared away by a professional Bay Area photographer! VIP Experience: For the woman ready to create success with confidence & clarity, we are offering a powerful mastermind coaching experience, 1-on-1 session with Katie or Kristin and extra perks to get the most of this amazing day! VIP ticket holders receive: -Private Mastermind Group Coaching during the final hour of the event -Personal coaching from either Kristin or Katie (Optional) -Prioritized seating -Access to the Self Love Clubhouse, an online program with 30+ trainings Bring your friends and we cannot wait to see you all there! Here's to a phenomenal fresh start. Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/empowhered-success-workshop-tickets-49673856843

  • Quieting Anxiety and Gaining Confidence

    600 California St


    Anxiety and confidence are so connected, especially in business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, working in a 9-5 or have a side hustle you'd like to turn into your full-time situation, so many of us struggle with the confidence to move forward and are able to manage our anxiety so it doesn't hold us back. Katie is certified in holistic health and licensed as a body positive facilitator and works with women to help them improve confidence and find success in their businesses. Jenna is the host of Spark Intention Podcast and is passionate about sharing how to naturally manage stress and anxiety. In this workshop you can expect to: -Learn how to build confidence in yourself and your ability to be successful -An understanding of how the way you feel about your body can be directly connected to your success -The opportunity for abundant and meaningful connections -Learn how to make peace with stress and anxiety to be able to move past blocks in businesses, relationships, and life We only have 7 spots available, so be sure to reserve yours ASAP! We also ask that if you reserve your spot and cannot make it, please let us know so we can offer the spot to someone else. Can't wait!!

  • Taking the Leap Workshop

    Needs a location

    Do you feel like improving confidence in yourself would also improve your career and business? HELL YES! In this workshop, I am so excited to bring body confidence and business together. My goal for you is to leave this workshop feeling empowered, capable, and having a plan for launching or taking you to the next level. This event is going to be incredible for anyone who wants to or already has started their own business, but will also be very beneficial for anyone who wants to grow in their career. Here's what you can expect: -How to build confidence in yourself and your ability to be successful -An understanding of how the way you feel about your body can be directly connected to your success -Gaining clarity about your vision and creating action steps to get there -When you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure, how to move forward with passion and confidence -Abundant connections and opportunities to make friends -Identifying what makes you unique and how to take advantage of it I'll be providing drinks and small bites. I'll also be taking iPhone head shots in front of a hand-made paper flower wall (don't doubt the power of portrait mode!). Finally, I'll be gifting you all with one of my favorite business books that I know will contribute so much to your success! I have 20 spots available, and they available are on a first-come, first-served basis. Save your spot here: https://bit.ly/2OpeUgU The address will be sent out to those who purchase tickets! If you have questions be sure to let me know!!