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Body Justice and Fat Feminism Group
Hiya! My name is Carlie and welcome to Body Justice and Fat Feminism Dublin!

This group is for anyone who wants to learn more about the fat liberation movement, the anti-diet culture movement, fat feminism, or who just exists with a body and is tired of being judged for how it looks. There is no profile or experience level you have to fit, no weight minimums or maximums. Open to all regardless of gender*, sexual orientation, age, (dis)ability, race, nationality, religion, immigration status etc.

Overall this is a safe space to freely explore how our patriarchal, diet-centric society polices our bodies and thrives on a culture of shame. If you want to say “fuck shame”, “fuck apologizing”, and most importantly “fuck the patriarchy” then this is the place for you!**

*I do want to explicitly state that this is an intersectional feminist group and transgender people, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals, and anyone whose gender ID does not conform to the cis-binary is 100% welcome. It’s totally fine for us to have different opinions (that’s kinda the point), but the validity of anyone’s identity will not be up for debate. TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) and SWERFs (sex-worker exclusionary radical feminists) are not welcome.

**If you are nervous/anxious about attending your first meeting please feel free to message the group either here or on social media. We'd be happy to have someone greet you one on one to help you feel more comfortable and at ease. No obligation to follow through with attending the meeting :)


READ OUR MANIFESTO BELOW (always subject to discussion and amendment by the group):

Body Justice and Fat Feminism Dublin Manifesto:

1) We represent and accept all people in all bodies, particularly fat bodies, who have been marginalized and oppressed by the dominant culture in society.

2) We recognize the systemic and systematic structures that exist in society to ensure that a culture of shame, humiliation, and insecurity persists towards bodies that are not thin, white, young, male, heterosexual, masculine, cisgender, and able for the profit of patriarchal capitalism.

3) We fight for fat acceptance and fat equality in order to end the stigmas associated with existing in fat bodies.

4) We promote body positivity, body neutrality, and fat acceptance as ways of untangling the physical, emotional, and mental damage done to those who’ve experienced body-shaming and fatphobia.

5) While we welcome all bodies of all types in all states, our group is based off the belief that thin privilege exists and is both implicitly and explicitly promoted as the norm throughout society.

6) We stand in solidarity with all people and all bodies including but not limited to fat bodies, BME bodies, non-binary and gender non-conforming bodies, LGBTQIA+ bodies, (dis)abled bodies, elderly bodies, migrant and refugee bodies, Traveller bodies, and any and all intersections of the above.

7) We operate from a radical feminist perspective and maintain that fat acceptance is a feminist issue and is integral to the goals of intersectional feminism.

8) We reject diet culture in all its forms, the metric of body size/type as the exclusive measure of health, and the use of health status as a measure of human worth.

9) While we identify as radical feminists, we wholeheartedly reject the agendas of TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and SWERFs (Sex-Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists) as they are not consistent with our values of inclusion.

10) We demand that medical professionals do more to educate themselves and the public about the complexities of health status and how weight and size have been grossly misrepresented as the sole causes of poor health. Additionally, we advocate, among other measures, a free health service funded publicly to ensure equal access to medical treatment.

11) We believe that body positivity, body neutrality, and fat acceptance are all inherently political movements. While we do not align ourselves with any particular political party, our beliefs are fundamentally socialist and feminist in outlook.

12) We stand in solidarity with all other radical, intersectional organizations who fight for the rights of marginalized people including but not limited to LGBTQIA+ rights, BME rights, non-binary and gender non-conforming rights, women’s rights, migrant and refugee rights, Traveller’s rights, anti-ableism, and anti-capitalism.

13) We do all of this in a caring, supportive environment designed to give respite to those who have been persecuted, judged, and humiliated because of their bodies.

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