What we're about

This Meetup is an evolution of the Hillsborough Massage Exchange which has been providing a safe space for physical therapy, nurturing, and pampering since 2015. 2.0 is more connected, more diverse, more conscious - embodying a depth of safety, self-expression, and trust that few of us experience in the world outside.

We will be exploring themes of emotional safety, authentic communication, body-mind massage, and emotional intimacy.

I want to provide a safe space for all. Membership will be screened to ensure gender balance, diversity, competence, safety, and alignment to the values and needs of members. Participants will have the opportunity to do same-sex partner-work if preferred. We offer a space free of judgement, homophobia, and sexual undercurrents. This is a safe place of nurturing and care, as we deepen our skills in bodywork and connection.

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A More Connected World - workshop, shared meal, and massage exchange

Embodied Emotion - Feel at home in your own skin

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