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We are going to do events where we teach you different aspects of fullstack web development. We are focusing our courses on JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and HTML. Our workshops are conducted in English and Spanish. Our events are about learning new things about web development and solving programming problems that you might see in a web development interview. There is also a lot of networking and socializing.

Our events are sponsored by Bogotá Dev - Dev Shop & Bootcamp | www.bogotadev.com

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Female {only} Developers Workshop

Cra. 11B #96-3

Este evento es bilingual (español y ingles). El evento no tiene ningún costo. Welcome to Bogotá Web Development Meetup! As a community we are going to begin offering workshops for female developers. This is our first workshop of the year so we are very open to suggestions for future workshops. Tonight we will be introducing Ruby to women interested in learning a programming language. The lecture will cover the overall basics of Ruby such as methods, classes, functions and syntax. Food and drink provided. Schedule: *6:30-7:15 pm: Networking, grabbing a drink and getting to know the group. *7:15-7:40 pm: Introductions should be quick and to the point, everyone gets 1 minute! As a group we will talk about what interests you most about attending a female only workshop. We will go through introductions about: 1. Name 2. What (programming language) you've studied. If any. 3. Your career goals. *7:45-8:30 pm: RUBY on RAILS lecture. The lecture is primarily done in english, but we will have someone translating if needed. So don't be afraid to come by! *8:30-9:00 pm: We will go over a basic Ruby problem. *9:00-9:10pm: We say goodnight!

HALF Hackathon!

Needs a location


Hosted by Bogota Dev. We are scheduling a half hackathon (SCRAMBLE EDITION) with our students. We are so excited to be hosting this mini hackathon. HACKATHON IS FREE! PARA PARTICIPAR POR FAVOR LLENA ESTE FORMULARIO: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfl92DBAIg6-uquYEb4K_Ai3pKb-WdtUzRvueFiCI3grfgupQ/viewform?usp=sf_link RULES & GUIDELINES: 1. Each official team will have up to 4 members. 2. Participants can only enter with ONE additional friend/peer to be on their team. 3. Teams will be announced by Nicolle & Granger on the week of the event. 4. Winning team will receive PRIZES! (more details to come soon...) 5. Participants are not allowed to have coded in advance. 6. No bullying, we have a strict "be kind" policy. Any negative comments to one another will result in the participants immediate removal from the hackathon. TOPIC: TBA Location: TBA Schedule: 9:00- 10:00 am - We are mingling and going over the rules! Teams will be announced and introduced! 11:00- 1:30 pm - Start planning and preparing your code. 1:30- 2:30 pm - Lunch Break (not mandatory) 2:30-7:15 pm: CODE 7:30pm: Presentations and code will be submitted to [masked] 7:20- 8:00 pm- Code presentations. 3-6 minutes each presentation. 9:00- 9:15 pm - Judges pick winner. 9:30 pm - We say goodbye! More details about the event will be posted shortly.

Introducción a las entrevistas de desarrollo web

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Esto es para todos los niveles, organizado por Bogota Dev & Dafiti. Socializamos y trabajamos en red durante la primera media hora. Esta noche tenemos un desarrollador senior que presentará problemas básicos de entrevistas que verá en las empresas colombianas. Comida y bebida proporcionadas. La tarifa del evento es de $ 5,000 COP. Por favor traiga efectivo, estaremos cargando en la puerta. Horario: 6:00 - 6:35 pm - ¡Nos estamos mezclando y haciendo contactos! 6:35 - 6:50 pm - Introducción a Dafiti y su pila. También repasaremos todos los conocimientos básicos que debe conocer sobre su proceso de entrevista de desarrollo web. 6: 50- 7:00 - La audiencia hace preguntas / cambio de tema 7: 00-7: 15 pm: Haremos equipos y le daremos preguntas de desarrollo de práctica. 7: 15- 7:20 pm: la audiencia hace preguntas 7: 20- 8:00 pm- Otro desarrollador presenta otra pregunta de entrevista que se resolverá individualmente. Repasamos la respuesta a esto antes del final del evento.

Student Graduation for Bogotá Bootcamp

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Para ingresar al WeWork porfavor termine este formulario! Nombre completo, correo y de ser posible número celular. La información debe estar completa de lo contrario las personas no podrán entrar. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfri10Z9ifrTWJcorrEVgUBEohKOCCRrvAJfBQLtw6NlbKuHw/viewform?usp=sf_link Graduation time! Our fullstack, fulltime coding course is an intense 10-weeks of web development training. Our class sizes range from 5 to 9 students. We are excited to have our graduating students present their final projects. This event is hosted by Bogota Dev and WeWork. We socialize and network for the first half hour. Companies attending tonight are the following: 1. Youse 2. Savvy 3. Hogaru 4. ASIC Food and drink provided! (Loose) Schedule: 6:00 - 6:30 pm - We are mingling and networking! 6:45 - 7:00 pm - Company Introductions 7:00- 7:10 pm - Student Intros 7:20-7:55 pm: Student Presentations, each student presents final project and audience is welcome to ask questions. 8:00 pm: Saying goodnight!

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Student Graduation for Bogotá Bootcamp


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