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The intent of this group: a positive place for like-minded LOA Treasure Valley creators to meet, share and discuss. If you are on Facebook, there is a group there too!


Anyone can schedule and host a LOA meetup here.

I'm a LOA teacher and professional intuitive but I'm also I'm a homeschool mom of three with a 3 year old so I haven't been hosing a lot of meetups lately. Someday. :) But I decided to keep this group and pay for it so that there was a space for LOA people to find each other here in the Treasure Valley. So do not hesitate to post a meetup if you want to host a LOA event–it will be very welcome! :) :) :)

What kinds of events can you host?
Here are some ideas:

• LOA Meet and Greet
(Get together and just hang out and talk about LOA.)

• LOA with Media
(Get together to watch Abraham videos and discuss or watch a LOA movie together, etc.)

• Social Time with other Deliberate Creators
(Get together to go bowling, see a regular movie, go to a concert, whatever sounds like fun to do with other people you can be your authentic LOA-self with.)

• Road Trip
(Get together to go see Abraham or attend a LOA seminar somewhere.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

:) Alora

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Clearing the Past for a Better Future!

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