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Purpose of this Group: This group is designed to introduce you to a science-based NLP called NLP Physics and is welcome to anyone. It is a fun group that gives participants many free personal change tools, including NLP and much much more from across the globe. It is to provide a toolbox of useful permanent methods with actionable ways to create permanent shifts, sometimes for a much better life. It's building the life you always dreamed of.

NLP Physics is not just NLP, it's modeled personal change from across the globe that is the best of the best, refined tools from a broad spectrum of methods. We use mostly metaphors from human physiology and astrophysics, a lot of new found-nowhere else NLP and personal change of all types, as well as one-of-a-kind therapeutic metaphors that Bob writes just for this group.

We're going to have seven events coming up. Here's a brief description:

• The Cellular Pattern and a Custom Theraputic Metaphor Written Just for the Meetup Group

October 8, 2019 7-9pm

This will be a deep dive into the Cellular Pattern. We explore it a lot more. We start from the basics, so anyone is welcome. We're going to bring in more features. At the end of the Pattern, we will read a custom therapeutic metaphor to complete the change. Bob is writing the therapeutic metaphor specific for this meetup group.

Six other events are planned, we're going to have a meetup about every two weeks. Due to the organic nature of the material, I'm only listing one topic at a time, but here are some topics that are organically covered, depending on the participants, at all meetups. Everything is kept really simple, but here's what is available:

Money, Relationships, Wellness, Exercise, Sleep, Healthy Support, Good Emotions, Good Thoughts, a Good Day Each Day, Vacation and Retirement, Genius, Leadership, Social Movement, Relaxation Response, a clinically studied form of meditation, Biology, Physics, Human Physiology, Head Heart Belly Connection, Native Storytelling, Medicine Wheel, Talking to Nature in Ourselves, Working with Inner Parts, Forgiveness, Conflict Integration, Life Purpose, Coaching, and Education

...all lead with the most up-to-date peer-reviewed science and guided by native methods - nature. Studies have shown that brief exposure to nature produces healthy effects.

Come enjoy!

NLP Physics, a New Effective Extension of NLP

NLP Trainer

Bob Weikel

Past events (6)

Beginner Friendly NLP Physics Cellular Pattern with Custom Therapeutic Metaphor

The Boise Public Library- Downtown- The Bingham Room- 3rd Floor

The 3 Neural Centers & the NLP Cellular Pattern, Everyone Welcome

The Boise Public Library- Downtown- The Bingham Room- 3rd Floor

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