• Leslie Gulch Weekend

    Leslie Gulch Campground

  • Romping in a Winter Wonderland - snowshoe Boise Ridge above Horseshoe Bend

    Strenuous but fun deep snow opportunity. If I have my way, we'll be breaking trail. Bring gaiters.

    Clear skies offer beautiful vistas to the backside of the Boise basin. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must-have with bright sun. When the skies are clouded, the quiet splendor of a snow covered forest is restorative.

    Travel time about 70 or 80 minutes one way. Short trip to Horseshoe Bend, but the last 13 miles is usually slow on snow covered or iced forest road.

    This trek is recommended for well conditioned individuals - I like to move it, move it. Snowshoe experience is not necessary, however.

    Layers are paramount, poles and camera are optional. You may fluctuate from very warm to possibly very cold if there is wind or precipitation.

    Bring food, plenty of water, and a pack with a whistle if you have one, extra gloves, extra socks, and maybe Hot Hands & an extra hat. I'll carry one first aid kit and one survival kit plus emergency imbibement :)

    I'll go as far as the group wants, but count on about 3 hours on the trail.

    Those who are comfortable are encouraged to ride share, but I request all passengers wear a hip and groovy face mask in the vehicle. Drivers must be comfortable on snow and ice with a rig having a fair amount of clearance in case the pull-out where we park is not well plowed. If you ride share, please plan to compensate your driver with some funds. Drivers, please carry an emergency shovel and emergency gear like sand, jumper cables, blanket, etc.

    We'll meet at the far side of the Winco/Petco parking lot off State Street near Hwy. 55 in Eagle at 9:30 a.m. I allow a 5 minute grace. I drive a tan Honda Element and will happily take 2 other people with masks in the car.

    Hallelujah, snow is back!

  • Orphan's Outing

    Chevron Meridian

    CHANGE OF PLANS - hike in the Owyhees where it's a bit sandier. Avimor is a muddy mess once the sun hits the trail. We'll do a Wilson Creek/Reynolds Creek/China Ditch loop.

    Round trip loop will be about 8 to 10 miles and about 1,300' elev. gain.

    Bring layers plus a wind shell if we get breezes. Gloves, hat, warm socks will be in order. Sun screen and sun glasses. Lots of fluid (dehydration can chill your body) and sufficient calories are necessary. Check the forecast and bring rain gear if predicted.

    I'll bring refreshment to cheer the holiday for anyone wishing to join me in a toast.

    Directions: meet at the Chevron/McDonals' at Eagle Road & I-84 across from St. Luke's hospital. We'll synchonize watches (kidding) we'll coordinate travel to the trailhead. I'm happy to accomodate 2 to 3 folks in my vehicle as long as everyone wears a mask.

    Hope you can join for an untraditional festivity.

  • Day trip to the Elkhorns in Eastern Oregon, Anthony Lakes area

    A stunning but strenuous hike - 8.2 miles with a 1,300' elevation gain. The Elkhorn Mountains are like the Sawtooth in their raw granite grandeur. After the hike, I plan to paddle around Anthony Lake on my board.

    Those wishing to dine or stay the night in the area are welcome to make their own arrangements. The Geiser Grand Hotel (www.geisergrand.com) is an impeccably restored building from the lavish heyday of the rail era – rooms fill up fast. There are also Air BnBs, other hotels, and camping in the surrounding area. There's a great brewery and other good restaurants.

    The trailhead is about 30 minutes past Baker City, Oregon in the Anthony Lakes area. We can call this a road trip because drive time is about 3 hours from Boise to the trailhead. We will be gone all day. Plan on ride-sharing if you're comfortable and protective of those you're with. Please share the costs if you ride-share.

    Before RSVPing for the event, make sure you feel in excellent condition for a hike of this length. I personally may run a little, but I'll come back to keep with everyone.

    I'm counting on at least four hours of hiking, plenty of time for blisters to develop and misery to follow. Also remember that a 1,300' elevation gain gets done several times throughout the hike since the trail goes up and down multiple times along its course. We also have the opportunity to add another 2 miles (1 + 1) to reach a beautiful mountain lake, for those interested. If you're ready, you will be so happy to have discovered this gem of a hike.

    Bring enough water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. We’ll have lunch on the trail. Count on the possibility of any kind of weather - it can be crazy/marvelous in the mountains! And please no dogs unless your dog returns instantly to your command under all circumstances every time, or remains on a leash. I will ask dog owners to fall behind by 15 minutes or return to the trailhead if other hikers are bothered by your dog…I love dogs, but when leading a group hike, I take responsibility for all hiker’s enjoyment.

    We'll meet by 8:00 a.m. to carpool from the McDonald's/Chevron on Eagle Road next to interstate 84.

    P.S. - remind me to tell the tale of the fated horse. $10 says I'll find the skull.

    More details will be coordinated with those that RSVP. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach me.

  • Mount Heinen

    Albertsons @ Columbia Village 6560 South Federal Way Boise, ID 83716

    Please do not attend if you're feeling ill, have a fever, or are not in condition for a fast paced hike in heat.

    The surroundings were very green in May, with significant snow patches earlier in May. Let's go see what it looks like now!

    HIKE - very strenuous, very steep at times, approx. 9.5 mi. out and back. Approximately 3,500' elevation gain. Count on about 5 hours hiking time. Trailhead starts across from Irish Springs campground on Arrow Rock Reservoir.

    MEET - Columbia Village Albertson's parking lot (Federal Way & Gowen Rd./Hwy. 21). Meet near Stinker Station. I drive a tan Honda Element.

    BRING - layered clothing, plenty of water, lunch/snacks, trekking poles, sunscreen, hat, handkerchief, etc. I'll have 1 first aid kit. Please pack a face covering for use if/as needed.

    CARPOOL - unless you're with household members, I recommend limiting ride share to two people. It's about an hour drive from Boise. Please share cost of gas and wear and tear with your driver.

    Your safety and your preparedness is your own responsibility. Participate at your own risk.

  • Hike beyond langer lake

    Lola creek campground near Stanley,Idaho

    I’m headed up to the Stanley area tomorrow 7/1/2020 to camp and hike a few days. I plan to hike to finger lakes beyond langer lake on Saturday. I’ll be camping at or near Lola campground. I have a silver ram 2500 pickup and a Nash travel trailer. Join me if you can. It will be a 12 plus mile day so pack a lunch and snacks and plenty of water. Will try to make a trip into Stanley Friday evening to give better information on where I’m camping.

  • Adelmann Mine


  • China Ditch Hike

    Wilson Creek Trails

  • Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue: The 10 Essentials Presentation

    Idaho Outdoor Association

    This presentation provides an overview of the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit (IMSARU) to include what functions the unit performs and the units capabilities. It also introduces and discusses the 10 essentials items that everyone should consider carrying with them whenever traveling. The 10 essentials are primarily for adventures into wilderness areas but some items should be considered whenever traveling away from home. This course will also address things to do to keep yourself from getting lost.

    As always, this event is free and open to the general public.

  • Full Moon Hike! Table Rock Edition

    Parking lot behind The Bishops house

    March 8th is a Full Moon, what better way is there to enjoy it than from up at the top of Table Rock?

    This is a MODERATE/STRENUOUS HIKE with some steep inclines and is set for relaxed pace hikers. Total distance will be about 3 miles round trip and total hike time will be about 1.5 hours. Sunset is at 7:43 p.m. and moonrise is a few minutes earlier at 6:37 p.m.

    Let's MEET at 6:15 PM at the parking lot behind the Bishops house at 2420 East Old Penitentiary

    BRING flashlight/headlamp, water, snacks, good hiking shoes, camera, etc.

    Event will be cancelled in case of rain.