• More Flo Rida, Less Work! (Workflow time, people)
    Hello All! FANTASTIC Meetup last week. Gathering was energizing, fun and quite delicious; a huge thank you to Nick and Vynyl for the space, pizza and much needed coffee! We'll be at it again here in just a few weeks. Next up, we'll be discussing workflow. The good, the bad, the painful, and the sublime. Time to get a little meta in our thinking about sketch, illustrator, photoshop, prototyping, asset management (F*#% NO!). Ok, show and tell: Haha, gets me every time… To add a little structure to the bones of this Meetup, we'll be following a loose agenda: 5:30–5:40: Brief intro of people and Meetup-ers 5:40–6:00: Presentation on common workflow tools Research: color, icons, typography, stock photography, etc. Inspiration/Archiving: dribbble, designspiration, awwwards, etc. Prototyping: sketch, marvel/invision/flinto, napkin, webflow, etc. Collaboration: invision, zeplin, avocode, dropbox, cloudapp, etc. Project Management: Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Dapulse, etc. Production (suites): adobe, bohemian, serif, etc. Presentation: dribbble, behance, slideshows, etc. Assets/Versioning: dropbox/box/drive, GIT, etc. 6:00–6:15: Workflow show and tell! This is where YOU come in… Have something fantastic that makes your life oh-so-wonderful. Please come prepared to share OR message me beforehand and I'll work it into the deck. Yes, his strategy is showing! 6:15–6:30: Design Critique! Call for entries! Here's what we're going to try. Consider this an open solicitation for a project-in-progress with workflow complexities. Sound like you? Let's talk. Message me. We'll Skype briefly, and plan how to incorporate your workflow problems into our Meetup and we'll brainstorm together how to ease your project pains. 6:30–6:40: Wrap up, retrospective & discuss next Meetup 6:40–7:00: Mix, mingle, make new friends, AND munch some refreshments. I'm very much looking forward to this topic. As you saw, that's a FULL PLATE to discuss in 20 minutes. If a special workflow comes to mind that you're itching to share, please reach out! Also, if you'd like to workshop your project workflow, let me know. Have a great week everyone, and see you in October! Cheers! Your locally-sourced, grass-fed, freerange, 100% organic Boise UX/UI team


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  • Back to School! (And a bit about Branding)
    Hello all! Yes…it's been way too long. We haven't written…we haven't called…but we haven't forgotten about you either! Boise's been moving and shaking over the past year and we've been busy participants in that action. But…partying can't last forever! It's time to put this Meetup back in full swing with monthly get-togethers. We'll share ideas, inspire, learn, laugh, and likely even cry a little. Come meet at Trailhead this September and get to know your fellow Boise-ux-groupies. We'll be handing out an agenda for the coming months (totally tentative—totally in need of your content strategizing, QAing, and sprint planning expertise)! We'll have a medium-ish (20-minute?) presentation on Branding and Brand Models, followed by light refreshments and stimulating conversation. So lay out your outfits and pack your trapper folders…we'll see you in a few weeks! Cheers, Boise UX-UI


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  • UX/UI 101 Workshop (feat. Ricky Lyman)
    Hello fellow tinkerers, designers, entrepreneurs, developers and UXers! Yes, it's been far too long. There are many exciting things happening in Boise's product design / UX / startup space…and many of you are to thank for all the recent advances. Moving into 2016, the Boise UX/UI group will be rededicating to gathering as a community and sharing in our journeys to create delightful experiences for clients and customers alike. To kick off the year, we'd like to invite everyone to a small UX workshop at Trailhead Boise, presented by local UX talent Ricky Lyman. The event is free for Trailhead Boise members, $5 for students, and $10 for the general public. If you are interested in the event but you are unable to pay, please send a private message. We'll be inquiring about free admittance for first-time Trailhead patrons. https://trailheadboise.org/event/uxui-101-building-a-user-experience-that-sells/ From Ricky's description of the event: Creating a user experience and user interactions your customers love is key to building a successful company. This is as true for a consulting practice as it is for an app. Join us for UX/UI to learn the the language, tools and methods of improving your user experience. UX designer Ricky Lyman will walk you step-by-step through the process of designing a thoughtful, functional experience. This workshop is great for entrepreneurs, designers, software developers or people who work with them. Hope to see you all in the coming months. Cheers!

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  • UX Futures Conference
    Our Healthwise UX team has decided to host the UX Futures Conference (http://bit.ly/1zNWey2) and we'd like to invite everyone from the Boise UX-UI meetup! UX Futures is a live, online conference happening next week on Wed, Nov 4th. We'll have it up and running in a conference room on our campus and welcome anyone who'd like to join us. Steve Krug, Jesse James Garrett, Andy Polaine and others will be speaking to topics such as UX trends, IA for the new world, content strategy, and service design. We would appreciate $5 or $10 per individual to help us defray the cost of the host pass but we won't turn you away regardless. An individual ticket sells for $179 so this is a great way to get access to an inspiring day of UX talks at almost no cost. The first talk starts at 8am. People are welcome to come for any portion of the day that interests them. Just check in with our receptionist in the lobby and we'll make sure you get to the right place. We're planning on walking across the street to Lulu's for lunch. Here are some directions (https://usability.healthwise.org/interaction/location/DirectionsToHealthwise.pdf) in case it helps. Drop me a note at [masked] if you have any questions. Thx!


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  • Personas: Pre-Halloween Alter Egos
    Hello All, I am ashamed to say this has been the poorest planned meetup to date! I apologize for the craziness, I just flew back into town from a few weeks in Boston last night. That said, we're still on and looking forward to a fun get-together tonight! The meetup will be at Aspen Labs offices in the Banner Bank Building (corner of 10th and Bannock downtown, fourth floor). We're still moving into our new suite, so pardon the mess. We'll be getting together at 5:30. If you come after six, just text me [masked]) if the front door is locked and we'll send someone to rescue you! We'll be talking about Persona Development tonight, but also planning some future meetups for this fall. With the summertime coming to a close, we're hoping to lay out a calendar of future meetups and topics. We'll meet for about an hour. Refreshments! There will be some light refreshments. They will be delicious. So, COME ONE, COME ALL! We're excited to inject some new energy into the meetup and get ourselves organized again after our summer break! See you all tonight! Nic

    Aspen Labs

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  • Usability Workshop: Access Idaho Website
    A big thanks to everyone who came and participated in February's meetup! We had a great turnout and some good discussion on the Mobile First approach to responsive web design. For March, we'll be turning our attention to Usability. A big thanks go out to Marlene Mussler-Wright for working with us to bring a real-world, real-test-worthy site for us to work with. Marlene is the Creative Director at Access Idaho and oversees the development of a great many Idaho government sites. She'll be bringing us a site that is currently being vetted for usability. We'll discuss both formative and summative usability, though our time will definitely be focussed on summative usability testing. This will be more of a workshop than a lecture. So come, test, learn, and participate! It should be a lot of fun. More details to come. Nic

    Access Idaho

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  • Mobile First: An Intro to UX + Content Strategy Practices for the Mobile Web
    Mobile First: The Whole Story Hibernation is over! We're excited to announce our next Meetup. For this round we're pleased to double up for some collaborative fun with the Boise Content Strategy Meetup, run by the wonderful Kerry Ellis. Kerry is a professional content strategist and an all-around great thinker. As an independent consultant her work takes her to companies both big and small across the country. She's expert at developing content strategies to reach any audience—and no, she hasn't paid me to say this. For this joint Meetup, Kerry and I are planning a joint presentation to tackle the new world of the responsive web through mobile first methodologies. We'll discuss ways of creating content, copy, design and branding, targeting first the devices we all carry in our pockets and purses. We'll send out more details a week before the Meetup. For now, mark your calendars. The topic will certainly spark some great ideas and conversation. More to come soon, Nic

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  • Double Take! The Design Process.
    Hello Friends, It was a great first date. For those of you who missed our MeetUp, we had a fantastic time getting acquainted as a Boise UX / UI community. We talked a bit about future discussion topics and format. If you weren't able to make it this month, our next meeting will definitely prove worthwhile. Double take! We're going to dive into a topic we're all familiar with in some form: the design process. Whether you're a rock-star developer, a UI guru, or a usability expert, there should be something to gained by learning about the processes different group members have followed. For this gathering, we'll have two brief presentations—about 10 minutes each—meant to reveal design process by looking at real-world projects. The hope is that we can all share a bit about our processes and the pitfalls we avoid. Ricky Lyman will present to us on his design process bringing mobile apps to market. Having gotten to know Ricky a bit, this will definitely be insightful. He has years of experience working with mobile UX. You'll also be subjected to me (Nic Perner) for hopefully the last time. I'll discuss a current project I'm working with that includes mobile and web components. I hope to cover a little of how agile development and design have worked hand-in-hand throughout building the product. We'll still try keeping our meet up to around one hour, with some time afterward to mingle. As with last time, there will be light refreshments. We'll be meeting in the main conference room in the Banner Bank Building, second floor. More details to come. Hope to see you all there, Nic One last note. We're still working to find the best time for this MeetUp. We'll be trying a Wednesday night next month to avoid First Thursday. If there's something really hip and cool happening on Wednesday that I'm unaware of, let me know—my hip and cool meter is fairly low these days—and we can reschedule.

    Banner Bank Building — 2nd Floor Conf Rm

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  • Back to School!
    Because we've all been tardy sometime . . . First, a brief history. Sean Boone (sorry to call you out Sir Sean) created this group for us this past spring. He was delighted when—with hardly no effort— he quickly gained a following here on Meetup. Around that time, I met Sean for the first time as I was in the process of relocating back to my hometown of Boise. While the summer was a bit rough, we're now ready to build momentum around this UX community. Now, the plan. Our first Meetup will be the first Thursday of October. We've tried scheduling around other groups you may attend—BGDG, Boise Web Tech Group, etc. If we've missed something, let us know! This first Meetup will be part social, part planning, and part learning. Come ready with a small appetite (light refreshments) and lots of opinions (we want your input about this group!). There will be a short presentation focused on professional development in the UX sphere. Please RSVP. Please come. Please participate. Let's rally to grow the UX-UI community in Boise. More details to come in the coming days as we have final detail about venue. Looking forward to seeing / meeting you all. Cheers. Nic —————————————————————————————————— email: [masked] tweet: @nperner call: [801][masked] —————————————————————————————————— I design digital products connecting people, cultures, and ideas. ——————————————————————————————————

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