• Bike Overnight to Givens Hot Springs

    Dutch bros

    Having nailed down my now 17-year-old daughter's summer before beginning college, this is the only weekend possible with her. All are welcome but it will be hot, the earlier Givens trip (https://www.meetup.com/BoiseCyclists/events/268088358/) is a better bet if concerned about the heat. But with the heat are prospects for some spectacular thunderstorms which is always entertaining. Weekend ride to Givens Hot Springs and back. A fun, scenic, and relatively mild bike tour. This date is tentative, so leave a comment. We can start from Payette tasting room downtown Boise or Dutch Bros on the edge of town. Awesome Bar B Que in Kuna! Reprint from Kurt last season: Potential itinerary / highlights: • Lunch in Kuna • Purchase provisions for evening/morning at Walter's Ferry • Wacky outdoor museum at Walters Ferry • Camping on lawn at Givens (This is a no dog campground) • Hot spring soak • Lunch in Melba • Travel through some of Boise and Kuna's prime day riding routes This is about a 100 mile round trip ride, make sure you're comfortable with two back-to-back loaded 50-milers. Most of the roads are rural with light traffic but some of the ride is on highway with varying shoulder width. This is a bona fide bike tour, not a greenbelt run. The route is relatively flat except for the descent into / climb out of the Snake River plain. The climb out is short but steep, up to maybe a 7% grade. It's a great trip for kids-- I've pulled mine many times in various trailers and tagalongs (it's a pretty serious workout for mom or dad though). My now 16-year-old has ridden it solo twice now (one way) without any problems. Most forms of human-powered vehicle are welcome, including pedal-assist electric bikes. No internal-combustion assist please. Camping at Givens costs around $20 per tent and includes access to the hot springs. They also offer a couple cabins and trailers for rent. Essential: • Good tires with lots of tread • Spare tube (one for each tire size if recumbent) • Pump and tube repair kit • Enough water to cover 30 miles • Enough food on board to avoid bonking. There are services along the way to avoid carrying more than that. • Good cycling etiquette and vehicular cycling technique. Let me know if anyone needs a refresher. Pro tip: • Sharing a tent and cooking equipment will save you $20 and lighten your load I'll ride to the starting point to avoid leaving a car behind. Starting at the Payette Brewing parking lot along the greenbelt seemed to work OK last year, will plan on that again unless someone has a better suggestion. Links: http://www.givenshotsprings.com/ • Wacky Museum (https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g35529-d8341556-r281212079-Cleo_s_Ferry_Museum_and_Nature_Trail-Melba_Idaho.html) • Map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1aUc5JDAr9IzctiIDVE2fwO-ak80&ll=43.42292712578037%2C-116.45025625151368&z=11) Option: If 100 miles seems like a long weekend, consider starting/ending in Kuna to chop it in roughly half. The two groups met in Kuna for lunch and completed the ride together. Here's the route we (mostly) used last year. There are as many possible routes to Givens as there are people in this meetup, folks are free to choose any route they desire. I'll stick with anyone who'd rather just follow. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aUc5JDAr9IzctiIDVE2fwO-ak80&usp=sharing (different routes each way). Meetup rejected the turnsheet I had attached, I can send it to anyone who's interested. Be descriptive but don't exceed 5500 characters-- thanks Meetup.

  • Postponed due to Weather! Intro To Bike Packing-Overnite

    Arrowrock Dam

    Update: Please read this entire post We are off! Check back soon and vote for a new date! Be sure you have all your questions answered before Friday, there is no cell coverage past Hilltop. (Print out any directions you need) ***I need to speak with each one of you by phone to make sure we are all on the same page and that you really are going*** I have messaged each one of you, but not heard back from a few of you. If no contact at all, I will assume you aren't going. Please change your RSVP to no if you are not going, you wouldn't want the whole group to be waiting for you and then you are a no show. This is an overnight trip to learn about bike packing. All dirt, but not technical. Great way to test your equipment and packing skills. It's only 15 miles each way. (So each day) You should be comfortable with your bike, this is not a learn to ride your bike trip, it's a learn to pack trip. We will stay at Willow Creek Campground. If its too crowded, we will stay at a dispersed site. Assume no services, we need to be self contained. There is no Support vehicle, but you are free to arrange to have your significant other follow you if you like. Its a dirt road all the way there, people do it in trucks w boats, small cars, etc. Once you cross into the Boise National Forest, you can Park at any of the dirt pullouts, but you will probably want to get as close to the Dam as you can. We will meet just past the Arrowrock dam, about 50 yards past it on the left at the "Big Gear". There is plenty of parking exactly one half mile past the Gear on the right. Park and then pedal back to the meeting spot. ***Warning*** Before you get to the Dam, (Still in car) there is quite a large hole in the road right where the Pavement ends and the dirt begins. Its on the right, but watch for traffic if you choose to drive on the left to avoid it! Here us a suggested Gear List. If you have any questions at all, please call me before Friday so I can help you. Bicycle-in good working condition, appropriate tires for dirt and gravel. Any Simple Mountain bike or even Hybrid with knobbies will work. Either Slime or Extra Inner tubes and CO2 or pump. A front fork will be more comfortable (that road can be crappy) but you know your own abilities. Equipment-Choose 1 of the following: 1) Panniers 2) Stuff Sacks and Bungie cords 3) Bike Trailer 4) Frame and seat packs Sleeping Bag Pad (or not) Tent (or not, if that’s how you roll) Food, Dog food if applicable. Cooking Supplies: Camp Stove, fuel, lighter, Pan, something to eat out of Coffee Garbage bag (Pack it in Pack it out) Bag and twine to keep food away from the critters Toilet paper and small shovel to bury your waste Water-enough for the out and back Or a water filter, we are right on the River. Bug Spray Sunscreen Any medications you need, in my case Allergy pills Identification and Health Insurance Card Slime in your tires or Tools, Extra Tubes, pump or CO2 Helmet, shoes Clothing Layers: Clothes for too hot/sunny, hat Clothes for cold, I like a down jacket because it packs down so small, plus a windbreaker to keep it dry in case it rains (down is not good when wet) The windbreaker is also good if its not cold, just wet or breezy. An extra pair of dry socks never hurt anyone, wool stays warm even when wet Bike Shorts (enough said) Bio Degradable soap Toothbrush (or not) Deodorant (or not) Headlamp, Bike light or lantern. Snacks for on the bike and in camp Optional (Ok its all optional, but you know) Extra Bungies Zip Ties Duct tape Extra battery for your phone if you are using it as your only camera There are lots of other things that people bring, but I believe in being as light as possible. Last year some members made camp and then continued on to Twin Springs bar and hot springs for a longer ride. (Don't assume they will be open) I am bringing my small dog. Please change your RSVP if you aren't going to make it. Thanks, Judy