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#78 [Beginner] Ethereum For Bunnies #6

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Tyro FintechHub

155 Clarence Street · Sydney

How to find us

Meet in the ground floor lobby at 16:50

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Note: The "Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains And Ethereum" beginner series has just been renamed to "Ethereum For Bunnies".

In the previous sessions we covered the following topics:
• Blockchain - Beginnings & History
• The Ethereum Blockchain - Networks, Clients & Wallets
• Addresses, Private and Public Keys
• Transactions
• Smart Contracts
• Tokens
• Dapps
• Crypto Safety

In this session we will be digging into:
• Wallets and
• Transactions

We will be looking across many wallets (geth, Parity, Ethereum Wallet, Mist, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, multisig wallets, hardware wallets and mobile wallets) - the yellow highlighted items in the diagram above. We will also be executing transactions (account to account, smart contract creation, smart contract function invocation) from some of these wallet. And of course, safety about your wallets.



Bring your laptop along, as there will be searching, reading and exercises to work on generally.

For anyone remote, you can dial in on between 17:15 and 21:00 Sydney time. BUT please message the organiser the day before to confirm the arrangement.

• Please don't share any of your confidential ideas as this is an open workshop
• The workshops are often recorded on video and audio, and may be published on the internet. By attending, you agree that you give your consent to be recorded
• There are open source and open community etiquettes you should abide by including attributing the source of works you build upon and not "stealing" another person's project/idea for commercial gains


Ropsten Testnet Ethers:
• You can transfer Ropsten Testnet ethers (RtETH) from my account 0xD8C2eEe8D6a390932Ca4fdC46aaE38a8056FeA4f ( using the private key `a19f68b6a1e08d7984b727451bf81991d6ae85c60310ca10e5b9a7a6a1ccb355` to unlock my account and transfer a few RtETH into your own Ropsten account
•• Don't mix up your Testnet account with your Mainnet account

• Meet 10 minutes before the start at 16:50, in the lobby of 155 Clarence Street, Sydney
• If arriving later, please ping the BokkyPooBah's Ethereum Workshop Chat ( group and someone will come down to get you
• Bring your hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S or Trezor) just in case you need to use it
• There will be some refreshments. Donations to cover expenses: $30 (those who can afford it), $20 (those who can almost afford it), $0 (those who really cannot afford it).
• The topic details for these workshops can change up to the last minute
• If you have successfully RSVPed or are on the waitlist, please review your RSVP status and cancel your RSVP/waitlist ASAP if you cannot make it to free up the spot for other people
• People from Tyro do not have to RSVP
• This workshop will be repeated to cater for the demand