#141 [Beginner/Intermediate] Zero Knowledge Proofs For Bozos

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Tyro FintechHub

155 Clarence Street · Sydney

How to find us

Meet in the ground floor lobby at 16:50

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Flash intro/explainer into ETH2.0 - Phase 0 spec by James Zaki (15mins), and,
A quick recap of Zcon1 by Geoff Lamperd (15mins).

This weeks session will be on Wednesday, with the first half will be more structured, Adrian will start from basics again. The more times the better until its magic sinks in. He'll share some practical examples of Zero Knowledge proofs being used for bozos, from proving you are 18+ without revealing your age, to specific implementations for privacy and how they are being used in other blockchains like Zcash, Grin and our Eth mixer.

The second half will be less structured depending on the attendees, we could watch some clips from Jordi Baylina or BarryWhiteHat that might be interesting or a live coding session where I make a circuit using zkSNARKs for you to see. You decide. This is beautiful new tech building block which takes time to appreciate.

This session series is called ZK for Bozos and includes the following information for you to try:

• Work through the exercises from https://iden3.io/blog/circom-and-snarkjs-tutorial2.html
• Check out what we can do with the circom library - https://github.com/iden3/circom and https://github.com/iden3/circomlib .
• See also the contents of "#103 Creating And Verifying Zero Knowledge Proofs" https://www.meetup.com/BokkyPooBahs-Ethereum-Workshop/events/258005859/

Some background podcasts and references:
• Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs - https://www.zeroknowledge.fm/21
• Intro to zkSNARKs with Howard Wu - https://www.zeroknowledge.fm/38
• Ethereum mixer spec (work in progress) https://hackmd.io/qlKORn5MSOes1WtsEznu_g
• Semaphore signalling project https://github.com/kobigurk/semaphore

Bring your laptops as usual.

To help cover the costs of food/drink, please bring a donation. Recommended $20/$10 note if you can, or almost can, afford it. (no worries if you can't)

Image borrowed from https://triviahappy.com/articles/whos-waldo-the-early-history-of-martin-handfords-waldo


• Workshops are often recorded for educational purposes and to eventually put online. Attendance is taken as consent.
• PSA: Please be mindful of open source and open community etiquettes. (eg, attributing the source of works that you build upon, and not "stealing" another person's project/idea for commercial gains)


• Meet 10 minutes before the start at 16:50, in the lobby of 155 Clarence Street, Sydney
• If arriving later, (before 6pm) thats cool, just ping the BokkyPooBah's Ethereum Workshop Chat (https://t.me/joinchat/Ep-XOkwa_umKWXXRBGBVVQ) group and someone will come down to get you
• There will be some refreshments. Donations to cover expenses: $20 (those who can afford it), $10 (those who can almost afford it), $0 (those who really cannot afford it).
• The topic details for these workshops can change up to the last minute
• If you have successfully RSVPed or are on the waitlist, please review your RSVP status and cancel your RSVP/waitlist ASAP if you cannot make it to free up the spot for other people
• People from Tyro do not have to RSVP