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For the adventurous chef and diner! We are all about unusual and eclectic flavors. Each month we meet, a new ingredient or spice or herb will be featured. We will vote each month as a group for the following months ingredient.

Recipes, tastings, cooking demos and discussions will round out each gathering. Everyone is invited to bring their recipe featuring the key ingredient, spice or herb featured that month. We can all have a nibble or sip of each treat brought on the evening. Everyone leaves with an expanded palate, and perhaps a full tummy!

Think International fun! Taste Trivia! Something shared! and Adventurous Appetities! This is a new group and we are looking for fun people from everywhere! Each monthly meeting will be a new taste trip to your tongue and fresh folly for your culinary avocation!

Upcoming events (5+)

Patel Brothers shopping / Lunch at TBD

Needs a location

Exploring Indian cuisine via a shopping trip at Patel Bros and lunch at a local Indian restaurant. More details to follow.

Amorous erotic APHRODISIAC Appetites!

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February has long been known for Valentines Day! This month we are going to fall in love with the assistance of aphrodisiacal ( is that a word?!) eats. Wear your heart on your sleeve and savor love bites in your mouth! Think outside the box for this one. Remember, we are reaching outside our usual crushes for this month's treats! Chilis, cinnamon, cardamon, oysters. What will you bring? Something to share and a few copies of the recipe for sure! Pucker up Aphrodisiac lovers, here we come!

Foraging Fun and Foods of the Forest!

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How many of us cook regularly with wild game,herbs and vegetables harvested from the forests? Well, it's time to commence a lesson in untamed and savage edibles! Think fungi growing in the wild, or fiddleheads and dandelion greens. Pheasant, bison, rabbit, goose, alligator and ostrich. Sorrel, ginseng, chicory, red clover, elderberry and mallow. Oh so many options to choose from! Get your boots on, head out to the forest and start picking! Or, perhaps you prefer a more civilized option of having someone else hunt your game, and you prepare it! This month promises a DON'T MISS tantalization of our tongues! A true experiential evening of eating!

Curry Favor All!

Needs a location

Shall we ingratiate ourselves with a cuisine a huge portion of the world enjoys on a daily basis? We have Pizza on a Friday evening, but in England everyone has a Curry on Friday nights! Vegetarian, made with lamb or goat, spinach mixed in "sag" style or served with a chutney or raita, Indian food is the most delightful mix of colors and flavors and spices and herbs! Don't miss this opportunity to try something new that is sure to become a regular item in your weekly lineup! Bring something to share and the recipe!

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CHILI today and HOT Tamale!

738 Delacourte Ave


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