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The original Bonhomie group focus is evolving and the new description for interested folks is a work in process. We are not looking for members or posting events until after the description takes shape. The basic ethos of Bonhomie (translated: "genial company") of kindness, mutual respect, and diversity of membership will be the same. The scope, though, of its activities will be defined towards a more specific group, with a regular but less aggressive calendar of activities. It is likely that this newly formulated meetup will be oriented primarily toward couples on the North Shore. It was an original goal of the Bonhomie organizers who are new to the area to find a friendship group among a diverse membership of couples for congenial dinners, conversation, cocktails and outdoor pursuits. If that interests you, please look for our announcement of this group seeking membership under this same name, Marblehead Bonhomie.

For those of you who have enjoyed the activities that were offered by the very successful sub-group, SALON BOOK AND SOCIAL GROUP and it's spin-off events held by the Movie-lovers Group and Cocktail Evenings, etc. do not worry- that group is still alive and kicking!! The group is thriving-- it intends to continue its current activities and to expand its range of events with all kinds of fun times for its terrific membership. The Salon Book Group has been primarily a group of wonderful women getting together for lively book conversations and get-togethers, and being a source of mutual support and friendship to one another. The expansive Salon Book and Social Group welcomes new members, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. That successful group will continue to flourish and grow!

If you gave us your email contact or indicated you would like to be messaged by The Salon Book and Social Group around its upcoming activities, you will be contacted by its new organizers, members that have been most active in its events and are dedicated to its continuation. There may be a name change and a new dedicated meetup page for Salon Book and Social Group membership, but they will let you know about any changes in its format. If you have not already forwarded your contact or expressed interest in communications from the Salon Book and Social Group, you can always use the Meetup Site Message tool to message any of the more active Salon Book and Social Group and Movielovers Group members including Joan, Mary Chalifour, Victoria F and Laurie (among many other active members) and ask them how you can maintain your connection to that group. The Salon has not yet decided on its next Salon Book Group host or book, but when they are ready to announce their upcoming activities, you can sign onto that Group site and you are very welcome to let the Salon and Social Group know you want to participate!!

Howard and I are grateful to those of you who did participate so enthusiastically in group activities, especially those of you who stepped up to host and share your interests with new friends. It is a pleasure to meet new genial friends and we look forward to seeing you soon!

With warm regards,

Jamie & Howard

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