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Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

140 Little Falls Street, Suite 111 · Falls Church, VA

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At the corner of Park & Little Falls streets. There is ample parking behind our building. Don't worry about the menacing "reserved parking" signs. They are reserved for us!

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Connecting Love with Love...a new understanding of Mediumship with DZAR

his is a popular program that is filling up quickly. DZAR is excited with the extrordinary insights and wisdome they wish to share. Reserve your spot now!

Harmonize with your Inner Psychic Being! DZAR has crafted a new program just for us to help us with our Intuitive Skill Development and Cosmic Connection.Whether you're starting out on your journey of self discovery or seeking to develop your mediumship skills further, spending time with a psychic collective will be a fascinating experience!Expand your conceptual horizons and learn how much further we can take our intuitive skills with help and guidance from a loving collective of pure energy.

A statement from DZAR about Mediumship: As a Medium, why do you do it? Mediums are matchmakers because you are re-tuning their pain to love because they wish to understand that the Beauty they felt is not really too far away. You're opening up possibility for them. You're opening up freedom.

Our clients wish to understand that they can connect to that Beauty because of what they feel within themselves. Your job is to recognize what you feel within them so they can connect with the love that they feel is there. It is true that they have lost the physical but they have not lost the love.

But what is it that the person wants to hear from the other side? Because its not healing, it has always been and will continue to be LOVE. Because what have they lost? LOVE. They feel their grief because of the love that has been lost and what they wish to connect with is the love that they say is on the other side.

You are connecting love to love, that is what a Medium does, Young One. It is not about healing anyone or anything, it is about feeling and accepting the love and Wholeness of the other and themselves and experiencing that connection that never truly ends.

DZAR (pronounced ZAR) is a channeled Energy of Compassion sought out by people from all around the world for the insights and guidance they share. They are an expression of the creative consciousness that pervades our universe.

Mary & Gary, the channeled messengers of DZAR, are presenting at BWWI while they are on their limited American Tour. Please join us for an extraordinary evening of profound information as channeled through Gary, with direct messages just for us.You can learn more about DZAR, including free audio and videos recordings, here. (

DZAR calls on us all to Reunite Human & Spirit by recognising that we are already Whole and that our Wholeness is already here.

As we remove any doubts we have about this and we begin to accept who we truly are, then we are fulfilling our life purpose to be the Energy of our Soul experienced in and expressed in our daily life. When we truly know who we are it becomes possible to understand our own expansive and multidimensional nature and live our lives from this space of the Energetic and the Physical working together. This is life lived as the True Self.

“We want you to know yourselves as the magnificent multidimensional Beings that you truly are.” DZAR“We share this with you, Young Ones, so that you can become the expression of Self that allows your Soul to be present in your awareness and to create your world from the true Energy you are rather than from the constrictions and limitations of the physical that you now experience. When you do this, not only will your life be transformed but you will change the very nature of the planet you live within.” DZAR