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Liz & Giselle of God Manifesting Share Their Story & Tales of Channeling

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Price: $20.00 /per person

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

140 Little Falls Street, Suite 111 · Falls Church, VA

How to find us

At the corner of Park & Little Falls streets. There is ample parking behind our building. Don't worry about the menacing "reserved parking" signs. They are reserved for us!

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If you are reading this, you are interested in Channeling. Perhaps you have experienced moments that you can not explain, or something deep within your being is drawn to this event, or you would like to deepen your connection with the Great Whatever Is Out There. Or perhaps you have questions and curiosity. Today's casual conversation with 2 pure Channels of Divine can provide you with much information to help you navigate your personal path and connections.

Immediately following this event, Erin Michele will channel The Highest Order of the Light. ( who attend both programs will get a free photograph of your aura after Erin's event. This is guaranteed to be your brightest, most shining auric moment with a close connection to your Guardians, Guides and Angels. Imagine capturing this on film to gaze upon whenever you wish!

“Are we all an open vessel?"

We are very exited to announce to you all that we are going to be giving an afternoon chat where we will talk about our journey, our leanings, recognitions and our experiences on this spiritual path! We are going to open up the space for questions and are going to touch up on RECOGNIZING OURSELVES AS A VESSEL OF LIGHT. We are going to be open to flow with guidance as the conversation develops and see what spirit has for us!

About Liz and Giselle:

- My name is Giselle and I am 12 years old. I have come here with a mission to help in the raising of vibration and consciousness of this world. I am a vessel for the light-beings and the light of God to be channeled. My mission will be manifested to help in the new and let go the old; it is being presented here in this world to create a shift in awareness that will shift both on a physical and a spiritual level. Through many lifetimes, many learnings and many experiences I am here to allow that connection, wisdom, and God’s essence to be manifested to this plane of existence. “This world is our school, life is our learning process, and life is also our biggest test.” - Giselle

- My name is Liz, I am Giselle’s mom and also a vessel of the light bringing forth part of the truth and wisdom of God. My mission in this lifetime is to serve as a bridge from the understanding of the mind to the wisdom of the soul that is in pure connection with God. I am a channel of the collective consciousness, ascended masters, angels and archangelic council to serve as a spiritual guide to those in the process of the awakening. “Dualism is part of the old, oneness is the will of God, consciousness is truth on this plane of existence. We are here to flow, to love and to be released from control” - Liz

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