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Moving Forward to Ascension with the Highest Order of the Light

This Meetup is past

10 people went

Price: $20.00 /per person

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

140 Little Falls Street, Suite 111 · Falls Church, VA

How to find us

At the corner of Park & Little Falls streets. There is ample parking behind our building. Don't worry about the menacing "reserved parking" signs. They are reserved for us!


Do you have questions you’d like answered from a Higher Perspective? Would you like assistance in removing the blockages in your life, in order to move to a higher consciousness/Ascension?

This is a very special event! We will start meditation exactly at 4 PM to prepare the room for a strong energetic connection with Erin via the internet. At 4:30 we will skype Erin on our laptop & tv. We should have at least 1 hour of time learning from and asking questions to the Angels (depending on internet remaining reliable). Today will be a sacred and love filled day <3

Erin Michelle will channel the Highest Order of the Light, including the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, who are eager to answer your questions to move you forward beyond this plane of existence into the Golden Age. They invite you to a deeper relationship with the Divinity within you, which is your Inner Magnificence – God Within.

Immediately before this event, join us for Liz & Giselle of God Manifesting Share Their Story & Tales of Channeling. ( who attend both programs will get a free photograph of your aura after Erin's event. This is guaranteed to be your brightest, most shining auric moment with a close connection to your Guardians, Guides and Angels. Imagine capturing this on film to gaze upon whenever you wish!

Crystal adult Erin Michelle is a remarkably clear channel for the Highest Order of the Light, as well as a certified Reiki practitioner. She has been a medium for Spirit her whole life. At age 15, she began hearing voices urging her to “Wake up, Erin! Wake up!” Being a typical teenager, she had no idea what it was about and went on with her life. She tried 3 different colleges and 3 careers, but ran into serious roadblocks. At this point, the Archangels and Ascended Masters explained to her that she has a soul contract with them. She agreed to quit her job and devote her life entirely to the True and Joyous Will of God. During the summer of 2015, Erin's guides requested that she move to the Phoenix area.

Although Erin Michelle currently lives in Phoenix, she is well loved in the DMV area. Erin, author of Essays of Light (, has extensive experience channeling to large groups. Her sessions at Unity Center of Peace in Clifton, Virginia; Bonita Woods Wellness Institute in Falls Church, Virginia; and the Indigos, Crystals, & Sensitives Support Group at Unity of Fairfax, Virginia, were always filled to capacity.

Erin in currently in Arizona, but will meet with us via the internet and projected onto a sound enhanced video screen.

A love offering of $20 is suggested to cover expenses. All attendees will receive a recorded audio copy of this event.

Doors open at 3:30. Please plan to be signed in and seated by 4 PM so that the energy is settled, enabling an uninterrupted channeling session to begin at 4:30 pm. Before Erin joins us, we will join in group meditation to better connect with Erin and the Angelic messages.

We love kids, but we respectfully request only those over 18 attend this event. We ask that there be no recordings, videos, or photography. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact Bonita via meetup messages or at [masked]. Thank you!