What we're about

The group for Ukulele enthusiasts who live in and around Chatswood.

As at December 2019 we have been going for five years, lots of great meetings, and we have enjoyed performances for community groups in our local area.

2019 was our best year, with a good core group of members, and continued growth.

The group is led by Steve Lockwood, a musician with over 35 years of experience performing in bands, and running community music groups.

Steve's burning desire is to introduce as many people as possible to the joys of playing music with friends and community. So if you have been plunking away at home, come and experience the thrill of playing in a large group of friendly people.

If you have just started uke you are welcome to come along and soak up the atmosphere created by the more advanced players. We welcome players and singers of all levels.

We meet monthly on the 4th Wednesday, in Chatswood, at the Dougherty Centre from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.

Upcoming events (4)

February 2020 - Our 102nd Meeting - But who is counting..:))

Dougherty Community Centre


This will be our 102nd meeting, and we have a lot of fun planned for 2020 The Beatles musical is progressing, so I will throw in some Beatles songs, which will most likely be included in our musical. I have decided to focus on some performance songs for our monthly gig in the Mall, the next date is Friday 13th March...so how about a Spooky theme. Please come forward with any songs that might fit the theme of ghosts, goblins, fairies, and other non worldly types. Here is a few songs to get you thinking....probably about 18 of these will be included in the final...so pick your favourites.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xhyxik6ht6shosf/BUSK%20Meetup%2020200226%20Spooky.pdf?dl=0

BUSK in the Mall - Spooky Friday 13th theme

Chatswood Mall Marketplace

Get your spooky gear on, and join us for a fun performance in the mall. Because it is Friday 13th, we will focus on spooky songs, so bring your ghosts and fairies along, and lets share the ukulele love. We will be performing songs for our February meetup. It is not necessary to come in February, but if you want to run through the songs, then please do come.

March 2020 - Will be an Irish Affair

Dougherty Community Centre


So close to St Patrick's day...we need to do some Irish songs...a mix of traditional and modern songs...get your thinking caps on and let me know your favourites.... The Beatles musical is progressing, so I will throw in some Beatles songs, which will most likely be included in our musical. And don't forget to dress in green...bring a shamrock, or a four leaf clover if you have one... There will be some feature diddle-dee dums on the Irish Banjo, and maybe even a jig or two...so you are warned.

April 2020 - This is a takeover...Tim Lockwood is going to lead the group

Dougherty Community Centre


Steve will be away at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. So the fabulous Tim Lockwood has agreed to lead the night. Tim, as well as being a professional musician, also has a Bachelor of Music, and is sure to provide a VERY interesting night. Probably a few more modern songs on the night, given Tim is still in his 20's...:)) The Beatles musical is progressing, so we will throw in some Beatles songs, which will most likely be included in our musical.

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BUSK in the Mall for Valentines Day

Chatswood Mall Marketplace

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