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This Mastermind's for you if you have a book... or two... to write.

Each Mastermind we'll dive into the Art + Science + Tools + Tech of...

Beautiful Business - Living Well Doing What You Love...

Which revolves around publishing Kindle (Written) + Audio + Video content.

Rather than saying this type of LifeStyle is easy or hard. Better to say this LifeStyle is very different. Your days will organize in ways which may be new to you... with the bottom line being... each increment of work you do, will compensate you forever...

- David, http://DavidFavor.com , 512-282-4308

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South Austin Conscious Language Introduction

3920 Idalia Dr, Austin, TX 78749

Book Design Mastermind #2 - Bootstrapping Your Kindle + Content Empire

3920 Idalia Dr, Austin, TX 78749

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