What we're about

We are a well established Book Study Group that has been meeting for over 20 years.
A wise man once said that we are SPIRITUAL beings having a human experience.

The purpose of this Meet-Up Group is to explore life's mysteries and miracles which are a part of the human experience.
Such as:
- INTUITION that we often refer to as a gut feeling sometimes.
- Has a feeling of inter-connection to all of life ever happened to you?
These are just a few of the subjects discussed as we search through the book subject.

Bring yours thoughts, questions, perspectives and an open mind and open heart knowing you are with seekers of life just like yourself. This is a safe nonjudgmental environment. All belief systems are invited.

Sometimes we need a safe place where we can express ourselves in an open, supporting and Loving environment.

Come and explore the adventure of the spirit!

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