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Let's travel in time and space to visit "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles
In Amor Towle's novel, we live in the world of Count Alexander Rostov, a Russian aristocrat who is under lifetime house arrest within the confines of the Metropole Hotel of Moscow. He has run afoul of a Bolshevik tribunal in the summer of 1922 for the crime of belonging to the aristocracy, but he is spared a more severe sentence because his judges are partial to the political themes he seemed to express in poetry he published before the Great War. So, he is allowed to live in a small attic room of the hotel, from which he roams at will through the grand old establishment, where the staff still address him as "your excellency" and he meets old friends and makes new ones, enabling him to observe the changes in the "New Russia" beyond the limits of his captivity.

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Read a good book lately and want to share it with others? Do you prefer poetry, plays, or classical literature? Are you frustrated by the current political atmosphere and would like to discuss various political commentaries? Or are you a sucker for reading science, computer technology, or other research articles? How about autobiographies, biographies, or historical nonfiction/fiction? We believe there is something to learn in everything; We love to read and to discuss stories, philosophies, and ideas, even if we don't agree with them. This is a book club that is designed to embrace multiculturalism, individualism, and to discuss the state of the human condition. Must be tolerant of all races, creeds, sexes, genders, religions, and orientations to join. We generally meetup the first or second Sunday of each month.

To be considered for membership, please fill out our new member questionnaire to tell us a little about you as a reader, to give us an idea of what it is you enjoy reading and what you hope to find in joining the Book Worms of Denton! We generally limit our membership to people who live in Denton County and who do not already belong to more than ten meetup groups. If you fall into one or both of these "restricted" categories, you may still apply, but please include an argument that you will really travel up to an hour round trip to attend our meetings or that, out of your umpteen meetup clubs, ours is the one you will faithfully attend!

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