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You’re in the mental health field, and finished your higher-ed (or that + analytic training/other continuing ed)! But think you “should” read, “should have” read, or want to read, a slew of books that weren’t covered but are oft-referenced or have caught your eye! You could read them on your own? And you “keep meaning to”? But realistically, you probably won’t, not without accountability. And not as meaningfully as it would be if tied to lively discussion amongst professionals. But you’re not ready to commit to analytic or other continued training right now, and that would likely focus on primary/individual papers, not these books in your pipe dream, anyway. You want to expand your network and believe in communication across sub-groups rather than echo-chambers. You’re thirsty for continued intellectual enrichment in your field, but don’t want the stuffy confines of schools and paid programs, and don’t want to pay for something that doesn't fit right now. What you *would* enjoy is continuing to make progress along these lines - your clinical/intellectual development - and have some dining out and socializing mixed in! Oh my, this group is for YOU.

Just a smattering of those on the to-do list so far include:

Neurotic Styles (Shapiro); Broken Structures (Ahktar); The Body Keeps the Score (Van Der Kolk); Trauma and Recovery (Herman); Full Catastrophe Living (Kabat-Zinn); Thinking Fast and Slow (Kahneman)l; The PDM-II (perhaps in concert with Psychoanalytic Diagnosis) - McWilliams

Various Yalom selections

And some classics…. :
The Mind in Conflict (Brenner)
Hysteria (Bollas)
Identity, Youth and Crisis (Erikson)
Attachment (Bowlby)
Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein (Segal)
Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism (Kernberg)
Families and Family Therapy (Minuchin)

Maybe some Gabbard, other McWilliams, and many more to add. I am open to suggestions, as I am sure I'm forgetting a lot at the moment I write this.

Meetups every 3-4 weeks in Manhattan (neighborhoods will rotate)

Roughly 50 pages/week assigned (more/less for denser/easier material)

Supplemental papers at times welcome, but not the focus

We will decide upon and announce the next book at the second-to-last meeting for a given book, so members have time to buy/order.

Rotating responsibility for finding discussion questions, venues, and other organizational tasks among co-hosts with occasional help from regular members as core group may evolve and expand.

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