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This is a group for baby boomers committed to having FUN! If you're a part of the baby boomer generation (born 1946 – 1964 or 50+ to keep it simple), and enjoy making new friends, mingling and socializing, then join us in this supportive community of thriving boomers. Most of our events are in the metro Orlando area.

The goal of this group is to promote and support an active lifestyle and to facilitate mingling, socializing and having fun with our peers. We do utilize name tags at most of our events. Perhaps you enjoy a sport or hobby and would like to partner with others to share your passion. Members will be encouraged to connect with other members, make new friends and organize activities. After all it is the event hosts and their activities, the organizers and the members that make for a successful group. We hope our members develop & foster lifelong friendships and have the opportunity to meet others with shared interests, hobbies and passions.

This is your group, if you like to do fun events but just don't enjoy doing them by yourself all the time. Invite your friends to join. It means more activities, more events and more participation. The more members - the more fun and we're all about FUN in this group! Let's try new things; ideas are welcome and encouraged.
I look forward to being a part of a community of active, awesome, Boomers …that just want to have FUN!

Name Tags

It is our intent to utilize name tags for most of the social events of the group. It helps the host welcome the members to their event and helps our members find the group within a venue. It also aids our members in forging new connections and friendships, especially for our new members, it helps in getting to know our fellow Boomers.


Boomers....Just Want To Have FUN! is not a business or for-profit networking group. Solicitations (verbal and/or written) are strictly prohibited within the group. I do not want the perception of anyone making money off the group. It is my intent on trips that are organized by and/or hosted by travel agents, that our members should be allowed to go on the trip or event using their own travel agent and to get the best deal possible in their eyes. Realize though, in evaluating "the best deal", that the host/organizer of the trip may get extra perks that may not be available to those that do not book using them. Travel agents that post up trips, for our groups' benefit, do get compensated with commissions and/or perks by the travel companies. It is a trade-off we feel is worthwhile for our group in order to travel together and due to the complexity of organizing trips for a group. Especially given that our members can use their own travel agent.


Your posted photo and answers to profile questions provide your introduction to other group members. A posted photo of yourself is required. It should be a clear recent recognizable head shot of you looking into the camera by yourself. Your picture must remain on your profile at all times. This helps the event hosts and other members put a face to your name. It also cuts down on the number of scam members to our group and helps the event hosts and organizers, find and identify our members looking for our group within an event. I will usually approve a request to join the group without a face picture but only for a period of 2 weeks in order for the member to comply. Some members may not know how to upload a picture to their profile. Most events will have photo's of the attendees posted as a photo to that event. If you do not wish to have your picture taken, please notify the event host of this.


Adult Boomer's only. No children are allowed at an event even as a guest of a boomer. This is an adult only group within the boomer age group. Sometimes we do joint events with other groups that do allow children. They are few and far between, but all of our events will be for adults only.

Our activities will reflect the interests and imagination of our members. The success of “Boomers ... just want to have FUN” is driven by the enthusiasm and engagement of our members and especially the hosts. We need and welcome ideas and suggestions for activities. We also need organizers to plan, schedule and organize activities.

We want to post "active" events such as biking, hiking, kayaking and so forth. These events require you to know your own health status, limits and abilities. Personal protective safety equipment is always encouraged. None of the event hosts are experts or teachers in any of these activities. Participate at your own risk. All such events will require participants to sign a blanket waiver of liability that protects the group owner (Thomas Benson) and organizers/hosts of the event, prior to engaging in the activity.


I will not hesitate to remove a member from the group..... if they post negative personal comments about another member for all to see or if a member harasses another member through the group. If I receive multiple verifiable complaints about an individual making hateful or hurtful or insensitive remarks about a Boomer member or groups of Boomers, that action will warrant removal from the group upon a majority vote by the Organizing Committee. I would much rather have the offending person removed from the group than to have Boomers not show up to events because the offending member is attending. Constructive criticism about the group is ok (I am not hyper sensitive about that) but no comments of a personal nature. Know your audience and realize by this age we ALL come through life with issues from our life experiences. Good and Bad. Be self aware and be sensitive to that......for everyone's benefit.

No exclusive events! No women only exclusive events or men only events. ALL of OUR events will be open to ALL of our members, even if they will not appeal to all of our members.

No political events - everyone has their own political opinions, which is great, but any political event nowadays is going to alienate a certain element of our Boomers. In order to avoid that and the emotions that it illicits - we will have no political events period for that reason.

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