• Adult Craft Night - Alcohol Ink Tile Coasters

    Mountain View Public Library

    The library website says "Create a decorative tile coaster that will add some flair to your home! You’ll pick a center design and then define the outline with alcohol inks, a fast-drying transparent dye that is specially formulated to create a colorful, polished stone effect." It's always fun to get together with others to try something new with the supplies all provided. These events fill up in advance so register NOW with the library; registration begins March 27 at 7:00 p.m. Please register with the library before signing up for the Meetup. https://mountainview.libcal.com/event/4854052

  • Moderate Coastal Hike at Pacifica

    Chit Chat Cafe At the Pier

  • "Albatross" screening by POST and SFBay Bird Observatory

    Central Park Library

    Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) is hosting an exclusive screening of the documentary film "Albatross," which tells a powerful story about the devastating effects of ocean plastic and its effects on the Albatross birds of Midway Island. Prior to the screening, POST will introduce the film, and provide background the work that POST does to protect open space on the Peninsula and in the South Bay. A brief presentation and Q&A will follow the screening.

  • Picnic and Brief Walk

    Central Park Library

    End the day with a brief, easy walk and picnic, enjoying conversation with old and new friends in a pretty park. We'll meet in front of the library and walk to the nearby picnic area, then back to the library. There should be parking available at the library.

  • Putting Genesis to the Test: Video and Q&A

    Bridges Community Church

    Do Genesis and science conflict? Want to consider how they agree? Discoveries of the last several months allow us to put the book of Genesis to a scientific test that was not possible even a year ago. Does advancing science affirm or refute Genesis? Astrophysicist Hugh Ross is also a pastor who over the years has gathered together scientists from a variety of fields who are Christian, yet find the Bible to be in harmony with, rather than in disagreement with, the Bible, when both are understood correctly. The local "Reasons to Believe" chapter holds monthly meetings in Los Altos attracting professional scientists and those of us who have little scientific background as well. While the meetings are led by Christians and have a brief opening and closing prayer, they are not worship services, not evangelistic, but a format to present and discuss ideas in a friendly, non-pressured environment. Here are more details about this month's topic: Often, controversies about Genesis involve the meaning of the Hebrew word "yom" that's translated as day. Biblical Hebrew has a very small vocabulary size and consequently many words have multiple literal meanings. "Yom" has four different literal meanings, three of which are used in Genesis 1 and 2. Sixty years ago scientists believed the continents had always been in place as they are today. Then the science of plate tectonics showed this wasn't true, and scientists began to realize that Earth's surface was at one time completely covered with water and the build up of continents occurred rather quickly about 1.2 billion years after Earth was formed. In early 2018 a scientific paper was published pointing out that oxygen plays a critical role in the buildup of the continental landmasses by oxygenation of basaltic rocks. Further recent scientific discoveries make up the balance of Dr. Ross' presentation, followed by his response to many challenging and interesting questions. Dr. Ross earned a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Toronto and did post-doctoral work on quasars at CalTech before founding Reasons To Believe. He is author of many books including "More Than A Theory" and "Why the Universe is the Way it is." Bridges Community Church 625 Magdalena Ave., Los Altos, CA Family Center, Rooms 524/525 (upstairs, elevator handy)

  • 4th Annual Cheese Competition and Tasting

    Pacifica Coastside Museum at the Little Brown Church

    UPDATE: SADLY, RON AND I HAD ANOTHER COMMITMENT WE HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT FOR THIS DAY AND WON'T BE ABLE TO GO TO THE CHEESE TASTING OURSELVES....BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE SUCH FUN WE'RE LEAVING IT ON THE CALENDAR AS A SUGGESTION IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY TO DO IN A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE TOWN. Don't compete -- just eat [the results of the competition]. Sample cheese delicacies; drinks available for purchase. A good time for all! https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/e6751cdf-f407-4db1-9f7b-be30f87ec38b/downloads/1d2otu6bc_894403.pdf?ver=1553058020436 https://sf.funcheap.com/2nd-annual-jack-cheese-contest-party-pacifica/ "The 4th annual Pacifica Jack Cheese Contest /the true origin of “Jack” cheese, which was created at the Mori Point Inn in 1888 by the Pacifica living, Italy-born Stefano Mori and his wife, and whose recipe was stolen by a fair-weather friend who whisked it off to the Jack Ranch in Monterey and dubiously produced it at commercial scale as if it were his own. Thankfully, the Pacifica Historical Society has discovered the truth, resurrected cheese, and invites locals annually to conjure up their best dishes using Pacifica Jack and compete for prizes."

  • Stroll Through History in the Valley of Heart's Delight: Orchard Walk

    Robin Chapman, locally-famous historian and author of “California Apricots: The Lost Orchards of Silicon Valley,” will lead a guided heritage walk through the Los Altos Civic Center Apricot Orchard. Robin will explore the roots of the valley’s innovation, which blossomed in the early years after the Gold Rush as orchards began to flourish around San Francisco Bay -- when Silicon Valley was The Valley of the Heart's Delight. The walk is free, and open to all ages. After the walk... Experience the art of Ikebana floral arrangements in the Los Altos History Museum’s courtyard Main Gallery. And you can head over to the Los Altos Library, Orchard Room to enjoy live Ikebana demonstrations with Sogetsu artist Katsuko Thielke and her students from 2–3:30 pm. The Los Altos Library and the history museum are in the same complex, though in different buildings. Sorry for last-minute notice ....just found out about this myself.

  • Wok and Talk

    Chef Chu's

    Wok: Social supper Talk: AT LOS ALTOS YOUTH CENTER, 1 NORTH SAN ANTONIO ROAD, IN THE LIBRARY COMPLEX AREA Lecture sponsored by Peninsula Chapter of World Affairs Counsel. Thomas Fingar. Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center Scholar, Stanford University China has made tremendous progress during the past four decades, but what lies ahead is less clear. Additional advances may be slower and more difficult to achieve than in the past. While some see the country as an unstoppable juggernaut destined to clash with or to displace the United States as global leader, that prospect is premature. The challenges ahead will be much harder to meet. The choices Beijing makes will have a bigger impact on China’s future than the actions of the United States or other nations. Thomas Fingar will discuss China's future and its implications for the United States. Thomas Fingar is a Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center Scholar at Stanford University. His previous positions include Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis and Chairman of the National Intelligence Council [masked]), and Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research [masked] and[masked]). His most recent book on China is China’s Path to the Future: Challenges, Constraints, and Choices (with Jean Oi, forthcoming).