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If you want to take your business or business idea to the next level, this group may be just what you need to do it!

The Business Expansion Team from Alliance Marketing Services has partnered with the Trickle Up Change Foundation to offer Boost Your Business as a pilot project to help grow smaller, younger businesses in certain areas of Alabama and Texas.

The TUC Foundation is underwriting 90% of the cost of this first level of the program and 70% of the second level to put this program within the reach of more people in the communities it serves. If you are seeing this, you are eligible to apply for the program.

Growth can be a tricky thing. If it isn't planned and managed well, too much of it too quickly can be as bad for a business as too little of it or too slowly.

In this group we deliver planned, managed growth for the businesses we work with using a system we created called REAL Growth because it is:

• Reliable- the results are predictable

• Empirical- our methods are proven to work, not just theory

• Attainable- this isn't "pie in the sky" wishful thinking growth, this is growth within your reach

• Long-term - it's growth that lasts, not something fleeting like Instagram fame

REAL Growth was developed by our on-staff Six Sigma Black Belt who mastered the tools and strategies that created the most successful businesses in the world and re-formulated them to work for small and very small entrepreneurial-type businesses. We have tested REAL Growth with both online and brick and mortar businesses and the results have been equally impressive.

What You Need to Know About the Group

(Read these carefully, we'll ask you to agree to them when you get to the application page)

1. There's an application process

Don't worry, it's not like doing your taxes, it's just a few questions that you'll be asked when you decide to join this group. We accept as many as we can, but we can't work with everyone or we wouldn't be able to offer a top-quality program. If you application is declined, it may just be because you have a little ground work to do first. We'll message you and let you know why it was declined and what you need to do in order to re-apply.

2. There's a committment

Business owners who are accepted into the program have to commit to attending all of the sessions and doing all the work in a timely manner. We understand the busy life of an entrepreneur, so we've scheduled several options for attending the sessions: we meet live in Montgomery every other Thursday at 1:00 and again the following Saturday at 11:00 and for business owners who can't attend live, we offer online sessions via webinar on Tuesday evenings. You are welcome to attend whichever session works best for you at the time. After the third session, we'll also start scheduling one-on-one time with you to create a customized growth strategy and layout a step by step plan for your business. If you are accepted as a member, you're agreeing to keep those appointments and work the plan.

3. There are two levels to it

Everyone starts at the first level, that's where we do all the groundwork...even if you've been in business for a few years. Strong businesses have strong foundations and it's been our sad experience that a foundation that's missing key components won't support a growing business for very long. This level usually only takes a few weeks, but it's too important to rush through it, so it may take longer.

The second level is where we create and implement your growth plan. This where you start to see the needle move in your business and things get really exciting!

4. It isn't free

It isn't free for two reasons:

• a sound, profitable business that will support your dreams, your family and your community for years to come can't be built "on the cheap"

• we've learned the hard way that people don't value what they get for free. We want to work with business owners who take their businesses seriously enough to invest in them. This program costs $175 per month for the first level and 30% of your growth plan cost in the second.

5. There's only so much we can guarantee

• We guarantee we will keep your business information confidential

• We guarantee we will give you the same level of service our "top-dollar" clients receive

• We guarantee will work as hard for your success as you do

• However, we can't control all the variables that affect the growth of your business, so there's no way we can guarantee a particular level of results...no one can.

Next Steps

If you've been looking for a way to get your business up and running, or to get unstuck and take it to the next level, we can help. Start by clicking the button at the top of this page to join the group and answering the questions you'll see on the next page. We'll go over your application and if we believe we can help you build a successful business, we'll approve your application and message you with the next steps.

Here's to your success!

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