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How NOT to Build A Web Campaign: 2 Traps & 4 Pitfalls to Avoid by Dru Shockley

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How NOT to Build A Web Campaign: 2 Traps & 4 Pitfalls to Avoid

by Dru Shockley & John Stein

Many web campaigns get off on the wrong foot and continue to hop on that lame appendage, not knowing any better. Meanwhile, business owners suffer disappointment and the consequences of lost opportunity. By avoiding common mistakes, you can launch and maintain an energetic and enduring web campaign that will make great and continuous strides generating your business. Join us December 14 for marketing tips from Dru Shockley and John Stein.

You'll Learn...

- How much time and money one can waste with the wrong strategy

- What FREE activities will gain the most ground

- How realistic budgeting achieves realistic results

About Dru

Dru has led Boost for two years, serving the business community hardy portions of insight and wisdom from various industry leaders. It's his turn to stay standing and share from his trove gathered over the past eight years designing and developing websites. He knows for a website to positively influence the bottom line of a company it must not only draw lots of the right people, but must also intentionally focus the visitor on taking action. "Drawing traffic, driving action" is his new slogan these days. He looks forward to sharing with you in December.

About John

John Stein leads elevate29, a marketing and business development consultancy helping post-revenue startup companies with a special focus on formalizing online marketing strategy and revenue execution. elevate29 is all about revenue love for the startup and is passionate about David continuing to thump Goliath. For almost 25 years, John has been in the startup world and has extensive experience in developing go-to-market strategies and has been a top revenue producer in a number of industries like technology, Internet, manufacturing and professional services. John has also been a principal in a number of startups and has seen his share of great exits and not-so-great exits. John graduated from the University of Georgia with a BBA in International Business. His greatest treasures are his wife of more than 24 years and two children.

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