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Enhance your social life with the Border & Lakeland Inter-Varsity Club. If you have moved into the area or are looking for new friends, then joining in IVC activities offers a variety of events in good company. IVC members are friendly, caring and fun.

The members put on the activities. If there is something you want to do, somewhere you want to go, then suggest the event of your choice and through Meetup go with friends.

We are linked to other Inter-varsity Clubs and full members may go to inter-club outings. There are 41 IVCs in the UK, with nearly 4000 members.

Border & Lakeland IVC is a long established group with members mainly living in North Cumbria. Meetup provides our presence on the web. We take care over who becomes a full member. The group is small and not for profit. Membership is £8 per year. Not all members of Border & Lakeland IVC are using the Meetup system; they may attend events but are not seen here. Many of our members have professional qualifications and have included teachers, social workers, police officers and others working in the NHS.

How to join:

Click the blue ‘Join us’ button. If you have yet to register with Meetup, you will be taken through that part of the process. If you are already registered, you will be asked to introduce yourself and automatically appear in our pending members list (invisible to you). On your Meetup profile we wish to see a meaningful introduction with your first and surnames, and a photograph by which you may be recognised.

You will be a provisional member. That status allows you to RSVP and function on the Border & Lakeland Meetup pages. After you get to know us, we hope that you may join as a full member.

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