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What we're about

We are an education community helping data enthusiasts to connect with like-minded project buddies over video calls. We know that world-class content is available all around (EdX, Coursera, etc), BUT it is really hard to motivate yourself to commit without enforcing functions. There's no one to challenge or support you. We help to set you down and keep you accountable through your learning buddy till you complete your learning goals. Join us at https://video.boringppl.com/

This is a brand new initiative and can cause confusion, shoot us a message on meetup.com or Whatsapp (https://bit.ly/WhatsAppForQnA) to clarify anything.

Our community welcomes everyone and would love to remain the high-quality interaction between members. If you are new, our Community Manager will be in touch with you via Whatsapp for the onboarding before dialing in any sessions.


What format of session are we running?

• GET-IT-DONE MEETUP: You show up on the call to work on your things (flexible commitment, no onboarding, join anytime)

• MINI MEETUP: You do your due diligence and show up on the call to share learning points and discuss blockers with your buddies (onboarding is needed to match with fit buddies)

• MINI HACKATHON: You and your buddy work on a portfolio projects/ Kaggle competition together (onboarding is needed to match with fit buddies)

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