What we're about

This group is meant to connect femmes in business in the San Diego/LA area and is actively inclusive to ALL genders who identify as femme. Will never be fee-based.

Whether you're just starting off freelancing or a seasoned business owner, this group is for you. The challenges femmes face in business is very unique- we are often talked over, questioned, etc. This group is meant for everyone to share their wisdom and be a group of cheerleaders here to root for your when you kick ass and catch you when you fall.

You're a combination of the people you hang out the most with, so why not hang out with boss bitches?


• No MLM businesses

• No soliciting other members; this is a group built on trust and mutual respect of boundaries

• Be kind and respectful with all interactions. We come from many walks of life and have my different experiences and all have something different to offer.

Violators will be immediately banned without warning for the safety of other members.

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