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Pressing Empowerment and Leadership in societal change, economical growth and learning how to build wealth and healthy habits for positive outcomes of success. Sharing our life experience and skills through inter-sectional grassroots activism to promote Women advancement while eliminating discrimination, sexual oppression and having a resource for successful development to achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of our social, political, and economic life.

Developing business opportunities to grow ideas and concepts amoung like-minded indivuals while enhancing goals and relationships.

If you have a passion for embracing and uplifting your fellow Sista' in her dreams, goals, safety and way of living then you should be a part of the BCWE Community.

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Surviving Conquerors of the Throne

Platinum School of Performing Arts

We are all Conquerors of our Lifes story and each and every one of US sit on a throne of greatness!! It's now time to Embrace, Encourage & Empower that greatness in one another!! It is more than Our time, it's Our RISING! So join the Community this coming August 24th for the beginnings of a life changing for some and advancement for others, but either way... LIFE changing event that will be focused on YOU, YOU and YOU and bay girl yesss YOU!! Network with Great women from all over but centrally located out of the North Cobb area. Be Empowered by 3 great speakers who will lead words of encouragement in Financial Education (personal & business), Life Management Knowledge, and Spiritual Notification on Your Life. Join a open panel discussion with all 3 speakers including the founder of BCCWE. Lets the start the conversation on Financial Enlightenment, Spiritual Empowerment, and The overcoming of trauma for a change and how we wanna see Ourselves Rise even more in these coming years!! Make connections with business owners, to entrepreneurs, inventors and yes some investors. Learn about BCCWE Overcoming Trauma workshops, Credit Repair and building Workshops, Opportunity for job placement, Life Coach advisement, Money management workshop, Start-up Business education and funding, and that is just a few things to list. There will be some really great vendors as well offering gifts, discounts and amazing products and services. Vendor space still available (visit: http://bosschiqempowered.com/) There will be raffles for giveaways worth between $50 to $[masked] Healthy Salad bar with healthy meat selection and vegan! Free Mimosa!! Signature Drinks with raffles! And we welcome your teenage daughters, nieces, cousins, granddaughters because all proceeds from this event will be going to the Pretti Mii Girls foundation to cover the Pretti Mii Clothing Closet which is catered to young girls in Foster care and women in battered women transitions. These young ladies will be hosting their Pretti Mii Closet at this event where some of the teens girls can get a chance to go shopping for clothing items and shoes along with needed items for school and job opportunities. More details on that coming soon!! (YESSSS!! WE would love donations of clothing items - Please email for donation information) Prepare to have an uplifting, encouraging and insightful evening of connecting with women and young ladies who all have great journeys that should be shared and supported. A evening of connecting and providing while receiving resources to Empower our fellow Sister's and Boss Chiq. Come join us for laughs, drinks, food and good conversations, Come join Your community and be a Boss Chiq!! More updates on this event coming soon!!

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