Searching the Financial Universe: Applied NLP at Kensho and S&P Global

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Kensho Technologies

44 Brattle Street · Cambridge

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44 Brattle St, 1st Floor (Harvard Sq)

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A special treat this month for all of us at Boston AI: Exploring under the hood of an in-production NLP system and a hands-on-lab, all in Kensho's new AI Lab in Harvard Square. Please be kind to those on the waitlist! We will be taking attendance and unfortunately, no-shows may be restricted from attending future Boston AI events.

6:00 pm Networking, food and drinks

6:30 pm Georg Kucsko, Director of AI Center, ML Engineer @ Kensho

Learn the end-to-end, under-the-hood of how Kensho and S&P Global built the real-world ML solution for searching the financial universe.

Data Ingestion
* What is active learning, and when is it most useful?
* The power of joining diverse data with probabilistic links
* Productionizing workflow management

Finance domain-specific document pipelines
* Hybrid AI for speed and performance: combining machine-learning with rules-based-systems
* Emerging entity generalization
* Performance and quality excellence through weak supervision

7:30 pm Hands on AI lab (bring your laptop!)

Hands-on python lab and workshop

Georg Kucsko is the Director of the new Kensho AI Lab and a senior machine learning engineer at Kensho Technologies. His work focuses on research and development of novel machine learning algorithms for applications in natural language processing, unstructured data analysis, and forecasting of human behavior within the financial markets.

Prior to joining Kensho, Georg received his PhD in Physics from Harvard University. His work included building quantum thermometers for in-vivo cell measurements, developing quantum memory made from diamond and establishing the existence of a new phase of matter dubbed time-crystals.

8:00 - 8:30 pm Wrap up and networking