What we're about

Do you want to learn algorithms? The format of the meetup is currently experimental, and will be iterated on to suit the membership.

Proposed format:

Project nights and presentations

On "project nights" there will be an optional algorithm to work through, or you can "bring your own". You don't have to know exactly how to solve the algorithms you bring, but if you want to work towards a solution with others you are obliged to bring useful test cases.

On "presentation nights" a volunteer presenter is responsible for presenting a useful or compelling algorithm at the conceptual level as well as providing a working implementation and set of test cases attendees can play with.

Algorithms presented and worked on during a presentation will be roughly measured beforehand for difficulty by the amount of prep needed to be productive during the session. This is with the expectation that your ability to engage with an algorithm is helped by preparing beforehand (likely by trying to implement it yourself) or having some relevant experience with the algorithm's use case.

Past events (2)

Workshop: kth smallest/largest element in O(n)

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HyperLogLog @TwitterCambridge

Needs a location