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This is a Meetup for developers who are currently using Apache Lucene/Solr or would like to learn more about it. Join us for pizza, beer, and a discussion about Solr.

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What's New with Apache Lucene and Solr

Fidelity Investments

Join us at Fidelity's downtown Boston office to learn about new developments in the Apache Lucene and Solr that help you get the most out of your search. We welcome all Solr/Lucene developers and users to come share their stories, questions, and curiosity. Scheduled Speakers: * Trey Grainger, Lucidworks' Chief Algorithm Officer and the author of Solr in Action. In Trey's storied career he has been on the frontier of relevance in information retrieval and recommenders in machine learning and data science. * Gil Irizarry, Basis Technology's VP, Engineering, who leads the text analytics team that builds plugins for Lucene and Solr boost precision and recall in multilingual search as well as fuzzy name matching to overcome spelling variation and cross-lingual headaches.

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