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Welcome Goddesses!

The Boston & Beyond Goddess Circle is a group that has had a succession of organizers over the years, yet the community remains intact and growing.

We have women organizers here who each have unique gifts to offer, whether it's sacred ritual honoring and co-creating with the Goddess, facilitating deeper connection and intimacy in workshops, or teaching various esoteric skills and practices. There is so much to choose from!

The foundation that cradles all of it is a commitment to honoring the Divine Feminine.

The Boston & Beyond Goddess Circle honors the Goddess in her diverse ancient wisdom traditions of Native American, African, Wiccan, Hindu, Buddhist and other healing traditions. We are non-denominational and all are welcome.

Join us if...

...You're seeking a circle of sisterhood, or to learn a healing modality, deepen your intuitive skills, or desire more confidence, this is the place for you.

...You want to learn spellcraft, meditation, journeying, tarot, and more, there is someone here offering those opportunities.

...You're tired of being solitary, and desire community that's grounded in the feminine, you're in the right place.

...You desire to connect to your most spiritually aligned self.

...You're a woman who values community and understands the gifts of sisterhood, or wants to.

...You want to connect with meaningful community in Boston and the surrounding areas. We stretch all the way out to Connecticut in the west, south into Rhode Island, and north into New Hampshire.

We're excited to offer new and wonderful meetup opportunities, and are so glad you're interested!

For facilitators, teachers, and leaders, if you'd like to offer your gifts here, please message the organizer, Oceana.

A little more from one of the founders of Goddess Circle, Oceana Leblanc, in Grafton, Ma...

"I founded the Goddess Circle here in Grafton years ago after cofounding Red Tent in Central Ma. and facilitating that for 6 years. The women desired a focus on empowerment and were ready for a learning environment.

The history of Goddess Circle began with a 7 week dive into the Goddess Archetypes in each chakra, called Journey of the Goddess.

We continue with a monthly Goddess Circle that focuses on a different Goddess Archetype each time in order to deepen relationship with the Divine Feminine in all of Her faces.

Women who attend report that they love learning the deeper magickal work, look forward to sharing in sacred circle where they're fully held and heard, have profound spiritual experiences, and love being in an organic experience guided by Spirit at the edge of the woods in a small temple space.

Some drive as far as 2 hours to experience learning from a wise woman, a crone so to speak, in the woods, with decades of esoteric practice in mystical arts.

I incorporate shamanic journeys, spell crafting, ceremonial magick, ritual, mediumship, oracular channeling, psychic development, energy healing, going deep with the elements, herbs, aromatherapy, and more, according to what the Goddess of the month presents.

All women are welcome ."

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