Decred's Jake Yocom-Piatt: Cutting the Head off the Snake

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Our presenter in April will be Jake Yocom-Piatt (far left), team lead at Decred, a cryptocurrency based on a the btcd client of Bitcoin and a whitepaper titled “Memcoin2: a hybrid proof-of-work, proof-of-stake-based cryptocurrency.”

Unlike other altcoins, Decred has made substantial tweaks to the original bitcoin code to “right the ship,” as Jake says. A core operating principle of Decred is that having any type of central point of control or influence goes against what a decentralized cryptocurrency is all about. In other words, everyone should be able contribute to the future direction of the project and no core entity or group should have undue influence.

Jake will be talking about how a hybrid consensus system gives voice to the coin holders of the system. He will also talk about how Decred is planning to turn its development funds into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) thus handing over a current value of $28 million in funds to the stakeholders themselves.

This technical presentation will include an abridged summary of bitcoin, a deep dive into hybrid PoW/PoS, gamification of timestamping, open governance and what it takes to create a stakeholder-driven DAO.


Decred Sets Its Sights on Decentralization in 2018

Memcoin2 Whitepaper


7:00-7:30PM - Networking and settling in
7:30-8:30PM - Presentation followed by Q&A
9:00-11:00PM - Late night discussions at a local bar (TBA)

Your host, Amy Castor, will be doing a fireside chat with Sandra Ro in conjunction with the Women in Blockchain Boston meetup immediately beforehand. If you want to attend both events arrive at 5:00PM and RSVP for both.