What we're about

Join us as we meet on the third Wednesday of the month at a local restaurant to discuss the book for that month. We get together, talk about books we love, books we don't love and we have a good time with good company.

Selecting the Book

1) Each month a member of the group will volunteer to pick the book for the following month. Sometimes the member will bring a few selections and leave it for the group to decide. Sometimes the member will make the selection on his/her own.

2) The book should be a maximum of 500 pages (give or take).

3) The book should be available in a variety of formats, ideally including ebook and paperback.

RSVPing for the Meetup

We have over 200 members and one meetup with a limit of 12 people per month with an automatic wait list.

1) If you RSVP yes, then make every effort to come to the meetup.

2) If you can't attend the meetup, RSVP No as soon as you know you can't join us.

3) The first person on the wait list will have their RSVP automatically changed to Yes.

3a) If another person changes their RSVP from Yes to No, the next person on the wait list has their RSVP changed to Yes. And so on until there is no wait list.

4) In the past, it's generally been true that if you're on the wait list, you'll end up on the RSVP Yes list by the time the meetup rolls around. Disclaimer: Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Meeting up

1) It's important to keep your RSVP up-to-date. We have a standing reservation for 12 people. It's not fun when the meetup is full, there are eight people who show up and there are people on the waitlist who could have come to the meetup. We also make a reservation at the restaurant--it's not great when we have a table for 12 with only 8 people at it.

2) Missing the meetup as a no-show will result in an immediate ban from the group. A no-show is someone who doesn't change their RSVP and doesn't leave a comment on the event page. Sometimes things happen on the same day - not feeling well, last minute meetings, etc. - and that's fine. What is not fine is leaving the group and the restaurant hanging.

If you have any questions or suggestions, they're always welcome. We want to have fun with good books, good food and good friends.

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