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Greater Boston offers enormous cultural opportunities to encounter everyday in our communities, work places, schools, and universities. This meetup group is to take advantage of such wide-ranging cultural environment and to explore our cultural diversity expressed in art, music, academic events, food, or just gather for fun to get to know each other with different cultural backgrounds. Anybody who is interested in exploring multi-cultural events happening in Boston and Cambridge are welcomed to join.

New (& Existing) Member Policy: (mostly suggestions from event organizers, who work really hard)

Your own profile: Please create your own profile including at least 3 information about yourself (such as a photo, maybe your first or nick name, and answers to our questions about your favorite cultures.) Members without these basic information (e.g., just initials or a photo of your pet only are not acceptable and subject to deletion (if you added some other personal info, then a photo of a pet maybe OK). This is to avoid "creepiness"syndrome from the point of view of event organizers and fellow meetup participants in order to promote healthy social media.

Suggested meetup events: We encourage everybody to "suggest" meetup events for the benefit of your own experience. Then the organizers (one of us) can announce the events for you if they are appropriate for our Nomads group. Usually if you "suggest" an event, you are regarded as the "event host". The date and place are essential ("no location, no date" are not allowed since that would be useless). Inclusion of a related website and a photo are encouraged in the description. Occasionally we post "FYI" kind of event information without a host- but that would be an exception than a norm. Events based on profit-oriented commercial activities may be deleted. Try to avoid too lengthy descriptions of events or musicians/performers (who has time/patience to read a 3 page description of a meetup event!). Be brief and crisp. Is this enough for now?

Happy Nomad Meetup!

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