What we're about

Educate, learn, and self improve at the Boston Data Education Meetup. We will discover new and emerging technologies within the vast field of Data. There will be talks, discussions, presentations, interactive workshops on new advancements related to Data Science, Data Engineering and Data Visualization. We will cover interesting topics and new advancements like H2O, Periscope Data, TensorFlow, R, Python, Julia, Pig/Hive, Hadoop, Tableau, Qlik and many many more.

The goal of this meetup is to bring together Data Professionals of all experience levels, to create an environment of cutting edge learning and thinking. 

We’re so glad you’re here! If you’d like to collaborate on future meetups, become a co-organizer or have suggestions, please message us.

Thank you for advancing the future of AI with us! 

Juan M 
Community Director, H2O.ai

Past events (26)

Understanding Top Kaggle Solutions from Feedback-3 Competition

This event has passed

Open Problems - Multimodal Single-Cell | Understanding Top Kaggle Solutions

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H2O World is Back!

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HuBMAP + HBA: "Hacking the Human Body" | Understanding Top Kaggle Solutions

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