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This is an experimental group to find out if DAOs are useful and easy to implement, or they are just a fad.

Here are whitepapers etc. related to DAO..




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I, Robot (the book, NOT the movie) and similar books
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I was surprised last night that nobody in the meeting had read I, Robot. Grant it the writing style is terrible and the characters are flat and, well, it's not a great literary work. BUT, the idea of the three rules and how things can go wrong might be a good topic for a discussion. Perhaps we can search for more recent works (fictional or otherwise) that explore the ideas more thoroughly.

Let's meet to try to define what goals we have for this group

It would be great to set up a meeting to see who's really interested in this group and what ideas they may have for what the group should be about.

I've been looking into General Game Playing & would like to present an overview.

General game players are systems able to accept declarative descriptions of arbitrary games at runtime and able to use such descriptions to play those games effectively. Unlike specialized game players, such as Deep Blue, general game players cannot rely on algorithms designed in advance for specific games.

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