EFT Tapping Circle

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6 spots left


Every 3rd Sunday of the month

Price: $25.00 /per person

Location visible to members


Groups are wonderful! They help bolster your commitment and motivation, they supply you with opportunities to get ahead on your journey, and they provide support from the other members.
But when it comes to EFT, groups are even more wonderful! Not only is there a synergy created between the tappers increasing the potency of healing received, but even when the tapping isn't related to your particular problem, you still bet to borrow benefits from it!

Note that the amount of people allowed in the tapping circle is limited to 10. If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so at least 3 days in advance so that someone else can come in to the event...

Please arrive early. Doors will open 15 minutes ahead of time and the tapping circle will begin promptly at 2 pm. Late comers will not be allowed in. A late arrival not only disrupts the flow of the circle, shatters the feeling of safety so necessary in healing work, but can also prevent the facilitator from pacing the circle well.

Fee: $25

See you soon!