What we're about


We ask "What are you 'DOING' in the world?"..... NOT "what do you do?"

Building relationships is super important! Who you are is important! WHY you do what you do.....WHO you do what you do for.....HOW you do what you do.....all much more interesting conversations that the typical "What do you do?" boring question!

We enjoy getting together with other like minded people who love talking about marketing, entrepreneurship, business building and goal setting!

We are visionary, heart centered, savvy, forward thinking business people who don't want to be "sold to"!

Let's have "Hot Seats".... let's get input from others in the room who have more experience and let's share the Resources and Relationships that Result in the Revenue that allows us to do even more incredible things in the world!!

ALWAYS open to suggestions of venues, topics, speakers and other ideas!

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